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What Is About

As Affiliate Marketing takes off around the world as the number one job opportunity, what is about? and how can it help us…

JVZoo.Com is an online affiliate market place where affiliate marketers and product sellers can go, to sell and/or advertise online.

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As Affiliate Marketing takes off around the world as the number one job opportunity, what is about? and how can it help us…

JVZoo.Com is an online affiliate market place where affiliate marketers and product sellers can go, to sell and/or advertise products/services online. 

JVzoo is equipped with tools and techniques to help all affiliate marketers and product designers take their business to the next level. 

What Is JVZOO Affiliates?

JVzoo affiliates is the ultimate affiliate marketing network storefront. Once you have made an account with you can access your “Affiliates” tab and start finding products to sell.

In the affiliates tab you will find all your affiliate account information including your approved affiliate programs and products, stats and bonuses, as well as product search and transactions

JVZOO Affiliates

JVzoo Affiliate Program Search

Along with, is one of my personal favourates for finding top selling products to advertise.

Once you have made an account at you can click on “Affiliates” tab, and then click on “Find Products” You will now be shown a list of available products and affiliate programs for you to join.

Each product will show its related statistics…Example below… Affiliate Program Search

What Is The JVzoo Marketplace

The JVzoo marketplace is somewhere people go to get tools and software to grow their online businesses, and overall make more money online.

The products listed in the marketplace are all supported by JVzoo, and can be purchased through as well.

JVzoo Marketplace
JVzoo Marketplace 1
JVzoo marketplace 2

Learn How To Make Money Online

Its all very well and good having great products to sell, but if you do not know how to advertise then you will no doubt have none to little luck.

If you are already making money online but want to make more…then this will help.

The Wealthy Affiliate University is an online training platform designed to teach ANYONE how to start making money online. 

They offer a free starter membership so anyone can get involved and try the system.

The course is mostly made up of step by step training video tutorials, making it easy for you to watch, pause and do what it is you need to do.

One of the main reasons people fail to make money online is simply because they are not getting trained properly.

Learning the correct steps to take when building an online business is crucial and I often see people trying to race their way to making online, rather than learning the correct steps, and taking their time to establish a solid foundation and understanding of this whole ” Make money online ” process.

what you will learn during the training at Wealthy Affiliate ( And More )

  • How to start/ set up a website, including adding pages and menus, plugins and other helpful tools
  • How to do keyword research through Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool 
  • How to find top selling products to advertise
  • How to find affiliate programs to join
  • How to find your target market
  • PPC and social media advertising
  • How to write blogs and how to do content marketing
  • How to grow and scale your online business
  • How to network and advance your online venture
  • New training tutorials and live webinars
There is so much included in the training at the Wealthy Affiliate, and I can only urge you to take action and start learning how to make money online properly.

Join Webtalk – Earn $ Just For Being Online

Webtalk is a social media platform that is much like Facebook only better…It pays you $ for being active and involved on the Webtalk platform.

Webtalk is not only for businesses and like-minded entrepreneurs to keep in contact, but great for everyday social people to share ideas, find help, and overall socialize with people who share the same or similar interests or hobbies as you.

You can categorize friends, family, and work/business colleagues, allowing you to prioritize who sees what of your profile page, as well as who sees which posts, blogs or photos you add.

How Does Webtalk Work

Although you do need to be invited into Webtalk, Webtalk is completely free to join, and free to earn. 

50% of all ad revenue earned through Webtalk, is divided equally among point earners based on the number of points you have earned for each month

  • Earn points just for joining Webtalk.
  • Earn Points for creating engaging content
  • Get 10 points for “Likes” on posts
  • Get 20 points for comments and 30 points for a share
  • If your referrals make purchases, you get 10% revenue + 100% matching points
  • at the end of the month, every 1000 points gives you one pie slice of the profit share.
IF you are online and use Facebook, start doing the same on Webtalk and actually get paid for doing so. 
An easy tip – You can just copy and past the Facebook posts you want to share and you are already earning points

Join Webtalk - My Personal Invitation

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Webtalk is still in Beta mode, meaning it is still in invite-only. Because of this, I will leave a signup button as a personal invitation to Webtalk…..You are Welcome 😊

Getting involved early means you can start building a network of friends/work colleagues and in a few years have a passive flow of income coming your way.

About Webtalk

Meet The Disruptors: RJ Garbowicz of Webtalk On The Three Things You Need To Shake Up Your Industry
Webtalk Staff

The goal of Webtalk is to help the world create more success using innovative technologies that help our members maintain and grow relationships in a way that mimics real-life and leads to improved careers, more successful businesses, and a better quality of life. Webtalk is digital networking reinvented to power the gig economy, which is especially needed in our current situation when real-life networking is nearly non-existent and everyone is an “at-home” Gig worker.

RJ Garbowicz is the founder, CEO and Chairman of Webtalk, which he founded in 2011. He is responsible for setting the product strategy, overall direction for the company and leads the design and development of Webtalk’s products and services. RJ is a serial entrepreneur having launched four previous tech companies with two exits.


Why Use Webtalk

Webtalk is extremely useful for many reasons. We live in a time where everything is digital, people are spending more and more time online socializing, and in the process becoming more and more dependant and reliant on their devices.

While we do this, companies are making mega-millions off of our information and time…The Webtalk platform is giving 50% of its revenue back to its users… In other words, we get paid for using it.

I myself work online affiliate marketing and have many reasons why I use Webtalk as one of my social media platforms.

  • It is free to join and earn money
  • I can use it to advertise my business/Products/Services
  • Over a few years, we can build a passive income from Webtalk
  • It is super easy to find help with people who share the same interests.
  • Easy to categories people into groups
  • Helps me grow and expand my business
 Overall Webtalk is another social media platform that is very similar to Facebook only Webtalk pays its users. Do exactly what you normally do, only on Webtalk as well

Start Building A Passive Income Online

I work online affiliate marketing and would not have it any other way, Learning how to make money online is easy if you know where to go to learn.

I studied at the Wealthy Affiliate University and would recommend anyone interested in working online to have a look.

They offer a free membership plan for anyone who just wants to have a look at what it’s all about.

As always, any questions or comments please do leave them below and I will be sure to read/reply

What Is A Keyword Search Tool? – Gain 1000s More Traffic


What is a keyword search toolAny well invested online entrepreneur knows the importance of using a keyword search tool, If you are just starting out online and are still wondering “what is A keyword search Tool?”, I am about to tell you.

What’s A Keyword Search Tool Used For?

A keyword search tool is a tool we use online, to find out what our target market is looking up, or searching for on Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Depending on the type of keyword search tool you are using, It can also tell us how many times people are typing these searches into Google, as well as other vital information, like Competition for that keyword, Other variables, or related keywords based around your chosen keyword.

Keywords help us target and narrow down who we want to be marketing to, this saves us time, money and brings higher conversions.

How We Use KeywordsFull size banner 3

The most common use of keywords is in blogs, Blogging is one thing…Blogging without direction from keywords is another.

Blogging for free traffic is one of my favorite online marketing strategies.

When we write a blog, we are directing this blog to a specific market, for example…

If my website was based around the niche motorbike helmets,  I could write an article/blog on different kinds of motorbike helmets,

If I wrote this blog without using a keyword search tool, I would write up the blog with the heading “Different Kinds Of Motorbike Helmets”

Now if I was to use a keyword tool, I typed in the words ” Different Kinds Of Motorbike Helmets ” The results may come back 1 person per month is typing this into Google, so you would be writing this article/blog in hope that this 1 person per month finds it.

The results will also tell us what other relater words are being used and how many times per month they are searched,

So our keyword is ” Different kinds of motorbike helmets” which had 1 person per month traffic

The keyword tool may tell us related keywords like…

  • Best Motorbike helmet – 2480 per month traffic
  • Safest motorbike helmet – 3652 per month traffic
  • Different kinds of crazy motorbike helmets – 368 per month traffic

Even just by adding in the word CRAZY would mean this blog, at best could be receiving on average 368 people looking at it every month. Without it, we would only get 1. Or you can write a blog using one of the more high traffic keywords ( usually this keyword will be harder to rank for )

For those that don’t know…The “ranking” is where your article/blog is ranked in Google search pages. If you write an excellent blog full of great information and laid out how Google likes it, Your chances to rank on page one of Google increase dramatically.

What Is Keyword Searching

Keyword searching is something I do on a regular basis, This brings insight into what my target market is after, changes in trends/popularity, digging deeper into the rabbit hole, Fishing out your market, or finding where you should be directing your attention to.

I have lost track of all the times I have thought of a good keyword to write about, and then after researching, finding a whole different set of words and phrases only to leave my original keyword behind.

A little example of “What Is Keyword Searching”… if I was wanting to write an article/blog…on say…paint scrapers, I would use a keyword search tool like Jaaxy, and let Jaaxy tell me all the related keywords that I may be interested in,

So I would type into my Jaaxy keyword tool to start some keyword searching. These are the results…

Keyword searching

I must admit I was a little shocked at the results, Lots of potential…

After I sorted them from highest to lowest in traffic per month, Paint scrapers were not the most common searched term, “What is a paint scraper” has way more traffic and an Extremely low QSR score which tells me there is not much competition for that keyword.

A rundown of the Jaaxy Collums.

  • Ave = the average amount of people typing that keyword into Google search
  • Traffic = the amount of traffic on average you will see to your website/blog if you rank on page 1 of Google
  • QSR = (Quoted search results) the number of websites competing for the exact search term.
  • KQI = ( Keyword Quality Indicator ) How good your chances are of ranking on Google page one for that keyword.
  • SEO ( Search engine optimization score ) The closer to 100 that keyword score is the more likely you are to rank on Google page one.

“What is a paint scraper” is the number one choice to start your blog with.

It has a high amount of traffic searching for it every month, 999 times.

Only 10 websites trying to rank for this keyword ( QSR ) and your chances are Looking great to 93% chance of ranking on page one for that keyword.

To increase your chances of ranking, I would use lower ranking keywords as my subheadings.

For example…

My blog would be titled ” WHAT IS A PAINT SCRAPER?” with a paragraph containing that keyword again.

My next subheading could be ” How To Use A Paint Scraper ” followed by a few paragraphs etc

The next subheading could be  ” Paint Scraper Tools ” followed by paragraphs etc

Both of these keywords both have a low QSR score and are both very related to your main heading ” WHAT IS A PAINT SCRAPER?” Google Loves This 🙂

How To Find Keywords For A Website

Finding Keywords For A Website is very much the same as keyword searching. If your website was focused on ” Laptop ” I would start with exactly that “Laptops”.

These are the results for the search Laptops

Keyword Searching

Wow… that’s a lot of searches every month but has way too much competition to try and rank under “laptop” as a keyword.

So now I would start digging deeper into the rabbit hole.

Out of all the keywords here, these are the ones I would look into further…

  • Laptop Reviews
  • Best laptop under 500 dollars
  • Good laptops under 500
  • Portable projectors for laptops

If we click on any of the keywords listed, Jaaxy will do another search based on that keyword,

For this example, I will choose ” Portable projectors for laptops.

These are the results…bellow

Wow, there are some gold mines in there. Some excellent keywords found just after looking up one keyword and then digging in a little more.

Keyword searching

How To Find Keywords For SEO

How to find words for SEO is a need for any online marketer, blogger, researcher, to be honest anyone who is online for any reason could very much benefit from using a keyword tool like Jaaxy. No matter what you are doing online. you want people to be finding your website, and keywords are a huge part of that lifeline.

Search engine optimization is something that is built up over time, Having said that, you should have a list of all your main keywords for your website, targeting your main topic. If my website was based around cats… my main keywords might be…

  • Cats
  • Cat food
  • Cat beds
  • Cat toys
  • Types of cats
  • Looking after cats
  • Buy a cat

There would be loads more keywords (probably hundreds) but I hope you get the idea. This list is your main website SEO keyword list.

As you build out your website you will have articles/blogs on all these keywords, and have subheadings ( Other related keywords ) in these blogs.

So if I chose to write an article/blog on “cat toys” I would Use cats toys as a heading, and then use keywords from Jaaxy based off the keyword search term “Cats toys”

Naturally, when you write your blogs, you will be using keywords that you don’t even know you are using, This is great as it makes your website more important and related to your topic or website nitch. Google loves this.

The Best Keyword Search Tool

Without a doubt in my mind, the best keyword search tool is Jaaxy, I cannot look past the proof and facts that I have personally had and found.

I will show you my results after using Jaaxy for just a few weeks, This was one of the big turning points in my online journeys, Trust me…when you get results like this, you get even more inspired to keep going and grow your online business.

Jaaxy keyword research tool reviewJaaxy is owned by the same two guys that own Wealthy Affiliate, A huge online Affiliate Marketing University that teaches people how to earn a passive income online, from anywhere in the world. This is where I studied and I would recommend it to anyone.

Through the training, they teach you how to market online, and write blogs that will rank in Google, as well as teach you about Jaaxy and keywords.

The training is priceless and you can get started here for free, And if you like what you are doing you can upgrade to Wealthy Affiliates Premium plan which is $49 per month, and with the premium membership you will also get the Jaaxy Pro membership plan.

Find out more on Wealthy Affiliate Here


Jaaxy Mmbership optionsJaaxy Free Membership Plan

You can try Jaaxy absolutely free ( No Credit Card Needed ) Limited to 30 searches but this is perfect for anyone starting out with keyword research and wants to test before they buy.

  • 30 Keyword Searches
  • 20 Search Results
  • Website Analyzer
  • Affiliate Program Finder
  • Keyword List Manager
  • Brainstorm Idea Feed
  • Keyword Competition Data
  • 1x Speed
  • Affiliate Program
  • 30 Site Rank Analysis Scans

Jaaxy Pro Membership Plan

This is by far the most popular account plan, Has everything included to start giving your online business the results it needs.

  • Sortable Search Results
  • Search Analysis
  • Manual QSR Search
  • Manual Domain Search
  • Alphabet Soup (15/letter)
  • 2x Multi-Threaded Search
  • 2K Site Rank Analysis Scans

Jaaxy Enterprise Membership Plan

The enterprise membership is for the well-established business that needs fast accurate information. Super Fast, Super accurate, and definitely well priced.

  • 35 Search Results
  • 5x Speed
  • Automated QSR
  • Automated Domain Search
  • Alphabet Soup (50/letter)
  • 5x Multi-Threaded Search
  • Unlimited Keyword Lists
  • 10K Site Rank Analysis Scans

The free membership is limited to 30 free searches, This is where most people will start. I will leave you with the Jaaxy search box for you to have a go with.


The Jaaxy Pro membership plan is the most common, Unlimited keyword searches, loads of other keyword tools, and as I mentioned earlier, If you join Wealthy Affiliate you will get the Jaxxy Pro plan as well as the training and other tools/information to really excel your online business.

With both Wealthy Affiliate and the Jaaxy keyword research tool, you have everything you need to not only make money online but how to grow and scale your online business, as well as PPC ( Pay Per Click ) advertising, social media advertising, and content marketing

Other Jaaxy Features

Alphabet Soup

 – Let Jaaxy compile a list of ideas based around your desired Keyword or niche, I did not think I would use this feature when I first started using Jaaxy, So it happens I have used it and it has proved to be quite helpful

Save Your Lists

 – Organization goes a long way when being time-efficient, Save all your keywords into organized lists for you to go back and use later on, or for a quick reference of what keywords you have used

Search History

– Forgotten what you have searched before, Jaaxy hasn’t. Easily access past searches as a quick guide to what you have already searched or to revisit and re-target

Search Analyses

– This shows you the top websites for a selected keyword. Easily find competitors and see how they are operating. This is a great way to secretly spy on your competitors, and see exactly what they are doing that is making them one of the best

Affiliate Program Search

– Enter a keyword and have Jaaxy bring up a list of all the affiliate programs based around your keyword, For example, if I typed in the keyword “Dart Boards” Jaaxy would show me a list of all Affiliate Programs that I can join up to and sell their dartboards

Brainstorm Feature

– Brainstorm – This is great if you have a bunch of ideas but are running short of time. Save your ideas and search them up at a later date.

Summary Of Jaaxy And Keyword Research

Any online business would benefit from using a keyword search tool like Jaaxy. The information Jaaxy provides is priceless to anyone trying to rapidly grow their online business.

Keyword research has taken me from next to no traffic to well over 1000 clicks…all over the space of about 3 -4 days.

I was able to understand where my target market was coming from, and what it was exactly that they wanted.

If you are starting online, or are an existing online business that wants more traffic, don’t waste any more time and start using Jaaxy, IT WILL MAKE A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE…ESPECIALLY WITH PRACTISE.

I hope this article has helped you reach a better understanding of keywords and how they can really help your online business.

As always any questions or comments please do leave below and I will be sure to read and/or reply 🙂

Build Better Websites & Funnels – Groove Funnels Review

Once again I am excited to share with you a product that is now helping me make money online. Groove Funnels is used by thousands of online Affiliate Marketers, and other online businesses around the world.

Groove Funnels Review

The world has changed so much recently. And during these

times, I am always excited whenever I find new solutions to help you in whatever way I can.

I’m sure you’ve heard of software tools designed to help you build websites, sales pages, and online funnels, and I know everyone has seen the hyped up fake marketing videos promising you will become rich or…whatever it is you have been promised.

I am not going to promise you anything. What I am doing is bringing helpful online marketing tools to light and sharing them with you as I find them. I use GrooveFunnels myself and I know in comparison to other sales funnel programs, GrooveFunnels is simple and superior.

Because sales funnels are proven to be effective, any such tools could reasonably command high monthly fees to access.

Unfortunately, this could also be out of reach for many business owners and marketers who are on a budget, especially during uncertain times.

This is where GrooveFunnels comes in.

What Is Groove Funnels?

GrooveFunnels is a new, better way to build funnels and sell digital products online.

It’s not just one or two simple tools, or solely a “funnel builder,” either.

This is your complete digital products and services online sales system.

Co-founded by Mike Filsaime, one of the top Internet marketing experts in the world, GrooveFunnels is a suite of products that includes all the tools you need to run your online business.

They have built a complete, all-in-one platform with all the essential tools so you don’t need to worry about multiple subscriptions to a variety of services that would easily add up to thousands per month.

Finally, you can get instant access to practically everything you need to sell your products and services online.

… Including:

  • Full product funnels
  • Brand websites with full navigation
  • Custom domain names
  • 1-click upsell capabilities
  • Upsells, down-sells and order bumps
  • The world’s most powerful affiliate program
  • No credit card. Lifetime access. Unlimited usage. Forever.

So Is Groove Funnels Worth It? Groove Funnels

Groove Funnels literally has everything I need, and potentially save thousands a month in the process.

You’ll have to see it to believe.

Take a closer look at it yourself, and pick up your free account while you’re there:

Groove Funnels

More About Groove Funnels/GrooveDigital

GrooveDigital software development company, led by CEO Mike Filsaime, is focused on creating the most powerful, affordable, and simple to use all-in-one software service that you can use to build, grow and manage an online business.

Recently, in an effort to help people develop a business from home and do their part to respond to the global Covid-19 crisis, GrooveDigital made the news for doing something unprecedented. They had decided to carve off a major portion of their flagship product, GrooveFunnels, and made it completely free while the world’s citizens were all trying to stay at home. The most astonishing revelation is that the product was not offered free for just a couple of months.. but for life.

“We got the idea from what we’re seeing others in our industry do”, commented Filsaime. “Everyone was giving free feature-locked accounts, or extending the trials on software products. But we wanted to give more. We didn’t think it was right to turn around and charge people later if they got used to using our service. So we decided to make it completely free… forever.”

The response to the free product, called GrooveSell, had been phenomenal. To keep up with the growing demand for even more value, GrooveDigital is now announcing the free release of the entire GrooveFunnels suite of 6

This includes a full website creator, online funnel builder, and powerful sales and affiliate platform that lets digital marketers and entrepreneurs sell their products. The software at its core helps members build websites, take payments, and manage customers for physical products, digital products, and services. It also comes with a full-featured affiliate system to help you recruit and manage commission-only salespeople and affiliate marketers..

With the new and improved GrooveFunnels, features include advanced tactics to build professional websites while increasing your dollar per sale. Not only can you do the usual upsells and down-sells in your product funnels, but the software adds order bumps before purchase and true 1-click up-sells (with and without confirmation) to your funnels. This allows you to make point of purchase impulse sales of related items, increasing your dollar per transaction of just pure profit.

GrooveFunnels also features a powerful set of tools that lets you set flexible pricing structures that are rare on other platforms, such as recurring annual installments and bi-monthly billing.

With your free Groove Funnels account, you get:

Unlimited products
Unlimited product funnels
Unlimited checkout loads (bandwidth)
Unlimited affiliates
Unlimited customers
Unlimited support
Unlimited payment gateways

And all of this is free. That’s right, free for life.

-No credit card required – ever
-No monthly fees
-No surprise bills
-Full feature set
-Every upgrade they ever do

The bottom line is: You can do anything with GrooveFunnels that you can do with any digital marketing website creator, funnel builder, and shopping cart out there.

You can build a complete business using nothing but the free product you get with GrooveFunnels, plus your social media pages.

And while the folks at GrooveDigital hope that one day their free account users will decide to upgrade to the full suite of tools that comes with GrooveFunnels (which includes email service, membership sites, video marketing, a helpdesk, calendar, and all the tools you need to manage and grow a robust business), GrooveFunnels will always remain free to use for their new customers.

Whether you already have membership services for marketing tools and looking to reduce your monthly bills, or you are just getting started with your online business and your budget is tight… you would still want to check out GrooveFunnels. Do it today while it’s still free.

Deluxe Business Products – Free 2020 Discount Codes

Deluxe Business Products

Deluxe Business was founded in 1915 with one mission in mind…. to help businesses become easier to manage, maintain, and to provide people with solutions to problems in every aspect of running a successful business

Deluxe Business has more than 4.5 million small business customers and 5,100 financial clients that trust their expert advice and services.

With their no-risk guarantee, Deluxe Business wants you to know that your products are their priority, and If you are not completely satisfied, they will do what it takes to make it right.


No hidden surprises or charges – delivered just as you ordered it, every time.

Deluxe Business Products

Deluxe Business is for anyone starting or running any kind of business worldwide. They not only offer all the products and services any business needs to sustain a healthy future, The offer exceptional quality and strive to make sure you are happy with your purchase.


Deluxe Business Checks

Pay your invoices with eChecks. The world is digital and many businesses do not have time to manually cash, bank, or process hundreds, or possibly thousands of checks on a regular basis. Deluxe Business offers a simple and quick solution that allows you to send highly protected Checks through email. Welcome to Deluxe Business Checks

Deluxe Business Checks Solutions

Making payments is an important part of your business. Besides building trust with those you work with, having checks on hand ensures you’ll always have the right way to pay, whether it’s for an employee’s paycheck or to fulfill a promise to a creditor.

Deluxe business checks can be customized to fit your needs, and their check printing services ensure you get the right check every time, making Deluxe Business one of the best places to order checks.

Order business checks from Deluxe Business and know that you’re in good hands; with their laser checks you’ll get business checks that are guaranteed to work with your accounting software.

Whether you’re sending one payment or a check run of thousands, deliver them securely in seconds.

Benefits Of Deluxe Checks

  • Make secure payments faster
  • Save money and resources
  • Whether you’re sending one payment or a check run of thousands, deliver them securely in seconds.
  • Eliminate the cost of paper check stock, printing, and postage. And remove the stuffing, stamping and mailing from the equation.
  • Control your cash flow
  • Do what is best for your business by deciding when to make payments. Choose to pay invoices on the last day they are due, or choose to pay early for better terms from vendors.
  • Nurture relationships with vendors
  • Paying your bills early makes your vendors happy and motivates them to go the extra mile for your business. It could also earn you early payment discounts.
  • Keep accounts payable running smoothly
  • Integrate flawlessly with QuickBooks® or other accounting software — no additional software or fees required.
  • A flexible way to pay
  • Get rid of your checkbook and make payments online whenever and wherever you want.
  • Send multiple checks with check batches
  • Cross more off your to-do list by sending a large number of checks with detailed remittance data, in only a few clicks.

Deluxe Business Forms

No matter what kind of business you have, it is important to have the right kind of presentation and information to capture everything you can about your customers, As well as keep all your legal documents up to date.

The Deluxe Business Forms area of their website is easy to navigate, and you will have no problem finding the form you need. Check out the selection of forms they have available…These are just the main headings!

Shop Checks & Forms at Deluxe!


Take the tediousness out of transactions with sales order forms that accurately fit your business. Preprinted headings, large description areas for recording every detail, and consecutive numbering are just a few of the features they offer on our sales order forms.

Delux Business Customizable Forms

Start with one of the many pre-made form templates and customize them until you have the exact form you need. Change the look, style, and feel of your forms easily.

Change the color, and change fields. Add banners or letterheads. Choices are endless with Deluxe Business Forms and I am sure they will have what it is you need. If not… you can customize.

Deluxe Business Coupons, Deals, And Codes

Codes are installed automatically once you have clicked on the link.

Deluxe Business is definitely a one-stop website for all small and large businesses. They have been in business for a very long time and definitely know their field of expertise. They are used by millions across the world and their services are userfriendly and of the utmost quality. 

ShopDLX Brand 336X280

Learn How To Make Money Online

Being able to make money online is not just something that many people wish to be able to do, But something that many people are doing, and are freeing themselves from the ball and chain way of life, working pay check to pay check.

If you would like to find out more about working online Affiliate Marketing please click HERE

Adobe Spark Review – Perfect For Beginners Or Not?

Adobe Spark Review

Overall Adobe Spark review score

  • Installation – 10 / 10
  • User friendly – 10 / 10
  • Price – 10 / 10
  • Value for money – 10 / 10
  • Uses – 100 / 100

Before we get into this review I would like to stress the fact that I am by no way handy with any kind of photoshop or design editing software of any kind, and my friend recommended Adobe Spark to me simply because it is…simple and easy to use, and they have an affordable monthly payment plan for their system.

I am an Affiliate Marketer and use Adobe Spark for my website banners, social posts, video presentations, etc and I would not recommend anything else, I would also like to point out that I am not an Affiliate of Adobe Spark and I have nothing to gain by writing this review besides helping you.

Adobe Spark Download And InstallationAdobe Spark Download

If you are anything like me, the last thing you want to have to do is download folders of files, only to have to find files to open and insert into other files and so on and so on to get the program to work.

I want easy, no-fuss installation and that is exactly what Adobe Spark is designed to be.

===> Download Adobe Spark <===

User Friendly

I have glimpsed over other programs before and never used any of them. After my friend introduced me to Adobe Spark I downloaded it that night and within about 10 minutes of playing around, I had created the most stunning and perfect banner for my website and Facebook page.

For me, this was the ultimate selling point. No technique bulls#$t. Just simple drag and drop. and all customizable features are right next to you the whole time, making it insanely simple to find your way around and select the tool you need, to create your perfect online video, post, website, or whatever it is you are needing.

Adobe Spark review

EVERYTHING you ever need is in one place on Adobe Spark. Starting a new project is simple and everything is within 1 to 2 clicks away.

There are over 20,000 high-quality templates to choose from, all of which are customizable and easy to do so.

This is the first one I made…I know if you have done this type of thing before you can probably pick faults, but this is my first professional looking banner and I made it on a program that I have never used before, and it only took me about 10 minutes to do so.

This is because Adobe Spark has taken out the hard work in creating banners, webpages, social posters, and flyers, even videos, completely out of the equation. I could not be happier.

I can now design and make myself everything in exact detail, instead of trying to translate my vision into writing and email it to someone off a freelance outsourcing company, Although I do have a soft spot for and do still outsource some of my tasks.


Adobe Spark Pricing

I can now create all my own online websites and social media advertisements, banners, videos, and everything else, Adobe Spark is nothing but value for money when it comes to their membership plans.

Their Membership prices are…Captu

Click Here to see full plan details.

I am using the individual plan and this is nothing short of everything I will ever need. This is $14.94 a month. For this I don’t need to wait on someone to create a banner, flyer or advertisement for me, I can do it myself, make it look better, and get it done faster. Adobe Sparks’ price is unbeatable.

  • Thousands of high-quality photos to use
  • Thousands of templates to easily get going on the outlay you need
  • Powerpoint videos ready to make in a matter of clicks with the mouse
  • A brand and logo maker – Way better than I was expecting
  • Thousands of Adobe fonts
  • Creation tools ready for you to unleash your creativity on

I simply cannot thank Adobe Spark enough.

Adobe Video Maker

The Adobe Spark video maker is ideal for people starting out like me. Nothing complicated and you can again use any of the thousands of high-quality photos to manipulate and use how you want to.

This is the first video that I made. “A little cheesy” I know, but it works and gets the point across

Hahahaha, I just watched the video again and could not help but have a laugh, This was made in about half an hour, There is music to choose from or upload your own. This was crazy fun to make and professional at the same time.

Adobe Sparks Photo Collagetttt

Depending on what you are needing a photo collage could be the perfect presentation for any kind of photos needing to be displayed.

It really is as simple as selecting a template ( you can change it as many times as you like in the editor where you start adding photos )

Again here is a quick example of a photo collage made in about 5 minutes with the Adobe Spark photo collage builder featuring water fountains. All of these were photos from Adobe Spark.


It doesn’t matter what your project is I am sure Adobe Spark will be able to help. I am absolutely thrilled with the options I have and can I can now do everything myself.

I Definitely Recommend Adobe Spark

I wouldn’t use anything else besides Adobe Spark for my online design work. And for under $15 per month, I cannot think I am getting my money worth 10x over every time I make a banner, video, collage, webpage, Instagram, or Facebook post. everything is there and I am taking advantage of it.

If I was you… I would do the same.

I hope this in any way has helped you out, If you would like to leave a comment or question please do so below 🙂

Understanding Keywords – Keywords Explained

Understanding Keywords

Understanding keywords and how they work is one of the most crucial and important factors when targeting your specific market and exploding your online business. Finding the wrong keywords to target can be the difference between your online business surviving or not.

Knowing how to find the right keywords and which keywords to use can be somewhat of a nightmare, and if you do not have the right tools or training, you could find yourself writing an article or running an advertising campaign that’s never going to be found on Google, Yahoo or bing and/or be displayed in front of the right people.

So What Are Keywords

The easy answer to this is exactly that. A keyword. Keywords are a way to describe exactly what it is that someone is after. Keywords can be a single word or a phrase and quite often the longer the keyword the more specific that keyword will be.

Examples Of Keywords

  • Music
  • Guitar music
  • Bass guitar music
  • Easy bass guitar songs to learn
  • Buy bass guitar with 6 strings and a yellow strap

As you can see keywords can vary in length and some are completely not relevant to be marketing too. For example, if someone searches in Google – Music, What does this mean? does it mean they are after music to listen to and if so what kind ? or are they wanting to watch music or learn to play music. This keyword is way too broad and would be a waste of time using music as the main keyword.

If you look at the keyword ” Buy bass guitar with 6 strings and a yellow strap, This is specifically exactly what that person is after and is a perfect keyword to target if there are a large number of people searching for this and not many competitors targeting the same keyword.


How Do We Find These Keywords?

Finding keywords or better yet good keywords can be a daunting and tedious task if you don’t really know what you are doing. 

Fortunately, we have a few tools and techniques to help us out. There are literally millions upon millions of keywords and what is popular today might be next week’s old news.

I use a program called Jaaxy for my keyword research and I would recommend anyone involved in keyword research to try it out.

===>  Read My Full Jaaxy Review HERE  <===

Further Insight Into Keyword Research

Through my training with Wealthy Affiliate, I have been taught several ways of doing keyword research through Jaxxy and Google, and I would like to share an in-depth training video of theirs for you to check out…

Understanding Keywords

How We Use Keywords

Finding keywords and using keywords to your advantage can take practice and is usually not something that is mastered overnight. As I mentioned above, keywords that are in high demand today might very well be old news next week, so there is always tweaking and follow up research to be done.

Ways in which we can use keywords can vary as there are so many ways in which someone working online can market what it is they want to advertise.

Examples Of Marketing Techniques

  • Blogging – This is a lot of online business number one way of advertising. Writing articles and incorporating keywords not only grows your website but reinforces to Google that this is what your website is all about.
  • Video Marketing – Youtube videos and other videos can be made and then displayed in front of the people that are searching for  that chosen keyword
  • Social Media – This is one sure way to rapidly grow any online identity or brand. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are completely free and accumulate mass amounts of traffic
  • PPC Ads – Pay Per Click advertising is huge and once you know who your exact market is, you can now advertise anything you want to whoever you want anywhere in the worlddownload 15

Keywords can be used in a number of ways and I cannot stress how important it is to do your keyword research. I remember reading this somewhere a few years ago…

” If you are marketing to everyone, You’re marketing to no one “

I learned this the hard way and I know I’m not the only one that has spent money on Facebook ads only to get few or no people clicking on them. This is because I had not identified my target market correctly and I had not targeted any specific keywords.

Final Notes On Keywords

Keywords can make or break a business and I strongly suggest that if you are running any type of online business or project to have a look into exactly what keywords your potential customers are using, Or what keywords your competition is using

The Jaaxy keyword research tool is ideal for all keyword research and if you would like to give it a try you can do so here for free ( Limit of 30 free searches )

Knowing how and where to start with keyword research is important so I hope this article has further expanded your knowledge on what a keyword is and how we use them in online marketing. I have stressed the importance of why we have to use keywords and always remember  ” If we are advertising to everyone, we are advertising to no none “

As always if you have any questions or comments please leave below =)

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review

When it comes to running an online business, the right tools are vital, and when it comes to SEO, Google rankings and crushing your competition, Jaaxy is one of the most advanced keyword research tools on the market. This is my Jaaxy keyword research tool review

My Review Summary

In my honest opinion, if I did not have Jaaxy, I do not think my online business would have been as successful as it is.

Jaaxy is easy to use, Affordable, and definitely delivers the information needed to help drive traffic to your website.

I will show you proof of this later on

Everyone gets 30 free Jaaxy searches so take advantage and try it for yourself.

  • Program Name – Jaaxy ( Jaaxy Research Tool )
  • Website –
  • Price – Free plan ( No Credit Card )
  • Pro – $49.00 per/month
  • Enterprise – $100.00 per month
  • Overall Platform 4.8 / 5
  • User Friendly – 5 / 5
  • Accurate Data – 4.3 / 5
  • Value For Money – 4.6 / 5
  • Compatibility – 5 / 5

What Jaaxy Offers

If you’re involved in any online business you will need business tools, and Jaaxy is one of them. A very big one of them.

Jaaxy is a keyword research tool on steroids, and is a must-have if your involved in any online advertising, blogging, or any other online business, Jaaxy can help.

Jaaxy will give you the inside information you need to rank highly on Google and get an inside look into what your potential customers are searching for.

Jaaxy offers an all under one roof keyword research platform that enables you to quickly and effectively find target keywords and competition based around your searched keyword.

Once a keyword is entered into Jaaxy, Jaaxy will then work its magic and display a list of searched keywords and how many times they are searched, as well as tell us how much competition that keyword has, and what your chances are of getting a page one ranking on Google.

Understanding Keywords

Here is an introductory video on understanding keywords, This video was part of my training through Wealthy Affiliate when I first started working online ( Affiliate Marketing University )

What Jaxxy Shows Us & What It Means

  • AVG – Monthly Searches – This is the overall amount oh traffic your keyword is searched for. These are the traffic numbers that you should concern yourself with. If you are going for natural rankings then ANY traffic is a good amount of traffic.
  •  QSR (Quoted Search Results) – This is the ULTIMATE competition indicator.  This quickly gathers information from the search engines and tells you the exact number of competing pages there are under that EXACT search term. Lower the number the better that keyword is.
  • SEO Power – This determines whether or not a keyword is a good candidate for getting SEO rankings.  If you can get rankings, you can earn money online…plain and simple! This is based on traffic, the nature of the keyword, competition, and keyword quality.
  • KQI (Keyword Quality Index) – This gives you an instant pulse of keyword quality for any marketing campaign (PPC, SEO, or otherwise).  If you have a quick way to determine keyword quality, you can efficiently perform research.

Jaaxy Membeships And Program Tools

The overall program layout is simple, easy to use, and simple to understand.

Spend just a couple of minutes on Jaaxy and you’ll know your way around Jaaxy like you have used it for years.

Not only is Jaaxy one of the best and leading keyword research platforms in the world, Jaaxy comes with numerous other helpful tools to further explode your business into a success.

Jaaxy Keyword Research

Other Featured Tools

Alphabet Soup

 – Let Jaaxy compile a list of ideas based around your desired Keyword or niche, I did not think I would use this feature when I first started using Jaaxy, So it happens I have used it and it has proved to be quite helpful

Save Your Lists

 – Organization goes along way when being time efficient, Save all your keywords into organized lists for you to go back and use later on, or for a quick reference of what keywords you have used

Search History

– Forgotten what you have searched before, Jaaxy hasn’t. Easily access past searches as a quick guide to what you have already searched or to revisit and re-target

Search Analyses

– This shows you the top websites for a selected keyword. Easily find competitors and see how they are operating. This is a great way to secretly spy on your competitors, and see exactly what they are doing that is making them one of the best

Affiliate Program Search

– Enter a keyword and have Jaaxy bring up a list of all the affiliate programs based around your keyword, For example if I typed in the keyword “Dart Boards” Jaaxy would show me a list of all Affiliate Programs that I can join up to and sell their dart boards

Brainstorm Feature

– Brainstorm – This is great if you have a bunch of ideas but are running short of time. Save your ideas and search them up at a later date.

Jaaxy Membership Plans

Jaaxy Has 3 Different Membership Plans

  • Free account – $ 0. – 30 free searches. – Start Your Free Jaaxy account
  • Pro account – $49 This will do Everyone from small to large businesses
  • Enterprise – $99 This membership plan is so supercharged up it’s like a pit bull on steroids waiting to explode its power on the next keyword walking on in.

Jaaxy Free Account

You can try Jaaxy absolutely free ( No Credit Card Needed ) Limited to 30 searches but this is perfect for anyone starting out with keyword research and wants to test before they buy.

  • 30 Keyword Searches
  • 20 Search Results
  • Website Analyzer
  • Affiliate Program Finder
  • Keyword List Manager
  • Brainstorm Idea Feed
  • Keyword Competition Data
  • 1x Speed
  • Affiliate Program
  • 30 Site Rank Analysis Scans

Jaaxy Pro Account

This is by far the most popular account plan, Has everything included to start giving your online business the results it needs.

  • Sortable Search Results
  • Search Analysis
  • Manual QSR Search
  • Manual Domain Search
  • Alphabet Soup (15/letter)
  • 2x Multi-Threaded Search
  • 2K Site Rank Analysis Scans

Jaaxy Enterprise Membership

The enterprise membership is for the well-established business that needs fast accurate information. Super Fast, Super accurate, and definitely well priced.

  • 35 Search Results
  • 5x Speed
  • Automated QSR
  • Automated Domain Search
  • Alphabet Soup (50/letter)
  • 5x Multi-Threaded Search
  • Unlimited Keyword Lists
  • 10K Site Rank Analysis Scans

My Results With Jaaxy

Jaaxy Has Delivered

This happened to me about 3 weeks after using Jaaxy, My traffic has increased dramatically thanks to certain keyword I was able to find and use.

I cannot express how much I recommend Jaxxy, It is in my eyes, Priceless.

I Could Not Believe
My Eyes

main qimg a1e03bfda56b7d2b17037b62e5defe8f

Final Words On Jaaxy

I personally use Jaaxy on a daily basis, and could not recommend a superior keyword research tool to use in any online business.

If you are thinking about starting an online business or just want to help explode your existing one, I strongly urge you to give Jaaxy a try, 30 free searches on account signup. No catches… just keywords.


Why Do We Use Keywords? – Keyword Research

keyword discovery 800x533 760x400 1

I was asked the other day why we use keywords and are they really that important ?… ” REALLY THAT IMPORTANT ? ” ….. WHY DO WE USE KEYWORDS? ” I could not believe what my ears were hearing.  Arghhh the disgusted look on my face said it all. First of all, let’s talk about what a keyword is.

What is a keyword?

A keyword is exactly that ” A Keyword ” a word that specifically targets a certain product, service or….anything for that matter.

 Anything and everything has a keyword. It is a way of describing and pinpointing anything online and offline. but more commonly used in reference to online business

When we speak about keywords, we are not only referring to a singular word but referring to phrases as well. I will demonstrate a few examples of keywords based around….owww…..hmmmm…..lets say bikes, bellow so you can get a feel for exactly what a keyword is.

Keyword Examples

  • Bike
  • Bikes
  • bike helmet
  • buy a bike
  • bike for toddlers
  • downhill mountain bike
  • Fastest and best mountain bike in the whole universe in orange

All of these words and phrases are keywords, As you can see they vary in length and how specific the keyword is.

How Keywords Work With Google ( search engines )

Without going into extensive detail and to keep it simple, when anyone online types a keyword like ” Bike ” into Google, Google searches its database for all the websites with the word bike in them, and will show you those websites it thinks will be most relevant to your searched keyword, as a result, you hopefully find what you were looking for.

How We Use Them In Business

Through certain tools like Jaaxy, we can find out exactly what keywords are being looked up through search engines like google, and how many times per month they are searched for.

For example, if I owned an online bike store and I wanted to add a new bike into my store for people to buy, How do I know which bike to get,  you can use Jaaxy and narrow down exactly what your potential customers are already wanting.

Put it this way, If I searched in Jaxxy,  ” silver pink bike “, it would most probably have very few search results per month, but if I typed in “black mountain bike” The search results would be far greater. this is because a black mountain bike is far more common and popular than a silver pink bike, so why would I put one in my shop.

When we know exactly which keywords are popular within our certain niche, we can target those exact words to market with. This can be done through adverts, Blogs, Videos, etc

So What’s this Jaaxy Tool?

Jaaxy is one super steroided up keyword research platform that is highly recommended and is very popular in the online world industry. Jaaxy offers many huge benefits to your business research and can really help your business thrive in getting noticed and ultimately drive more people to your website, which will mean more potential referrals or sales

Main Features on Jaaxy

  • Monthly Searches – Jaaxy tells us how many times a month a certain keyword is looked up, Save you advertising something no one is looking for.
  • QSR – ( Quoted Search Results ) This quickly gathers information from the search engines and tells you the exact number of competing pages there are for your exact search term.  If you aim under 200 you have a good chance of getting ranked on page 1 or 2 (100 is ideal)
  • KQI – ( Keyword Quality Index ) This tells you the intensity of keyword quality for any marketing campaign (PPC, SEO or otherwise)
  • SEO Power – This determines whether or not a keyword is a good candidate for getting SEO rankings.  If you can get rankings, you can earn money online…plain and simple! This is based on traffic, the nature of the keyword, competition, and keyword quality.  Makes for super-efficient research.

Jaaxy is hands down the best keyword search software around and I strongly recommend giving it a try. You can sign up for free and get 30 free searches. You have nothing to lose. and you get to test drive before you buy.

Read My Full Jaaxy keyword research tool here


What Is Freelance Outsourcing? – Outsourcing Explained

What is freelance outsourcing

For some of us, it is how we run our businesses, for others, it is something you may not have even heard of. Running a business is no small venture and most businesses cannot survive solely on the reliability of one person doing everything. So what is outsourcing ?.

What Is Freelance Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is simply the process of getting someone else to do something for you. If someone wanted to start an online business but had no idea about building or making websites, they could outsource this task to someone else, and get them to build it for a certain price.

You may think this seems silly when we can access all the training on how to build our own websites on youtube or google, So why pay someone else to do it?.

Why outsourcing can be a good move

  • How long will it take you to build the website you want?
  • Will it be as professional as someone that makes websites for a living?
  • Will all the backlinks and signup forms etc work correctly?
  • Is there anything else ( most probably ) you can be doing with your time to help your business instead of spending days, weeks, sometimes months learning to do something you probably do not need to learn?

I have used building a website as an example but you can outsource anything nowadays from…

  • Industries and engineering

Among these categories are thousands of sub-categories where people are offering their services. One time I saw someone advertising to sing happy birthday to a person of their choice whilst balancing on their head, then they send you the video. I think it was $5 for each order.

This is not one that I would use personally but is just an example to show you what kind of things are possible to outsource. There are thousands of professions out there and outsourcing, freelance websites are some of the most helpful business tools today.

Where to find Free Lancers – Outsourcing Websites

This is a list of my top five freelance websites


I use on a regular basis as this keeps my online business moving forward while I carry on doing the things I am more efficient on, Writing blogs, Keyword research, Finding domain names, etc.

Using A freelance Servicedownload

Using a freelance service can be a pleasurable experience, or it can go hellishly wrong. Over the years I have used freelancing or outsourcing website services, I have come to know what to look for when buying a service from somebody.

  • Overall star rating – just like any physical product, previous buyers will let you know their thoughts of the process and overall result.
  • Communication barrier – Freelancers are located all around the world so if you are looking to buy a service, Read their descriptions of what they are offering to do for you, Sometimes their descriptions are so poorly written, this is a good pre-insight into how your service may be presented.
  • Demand – How many previous orders have there been? Is the freelancer new? or have they been doing this for years and have loads of previous orders
  • Price – Fiverr starts services at $5, some are hundreds or even thousands so before placing an order, make sure to shop around for the specific service you desire. Price does not always reflect quality.

Descriptions For Your Freelancer

One of the biggest mistakes I made when I first used an outsourcing platform, was not being descriptive enough in my service request form that I filled out when ordering the service.

The communication was bad as I had not done my research on the freelancer properly in the first place, this caused MAJOR issues and loads of frustration during the making and delivery of my final product.

Add as many details about what it is you are after in your service description. This paints a better picture in their heads of what it is you are wanting.

descriptions may include…

  • Names, places or dates
  • Colors and style
  • Theme or themes.
  • Size or other measurements
  • Images and videos
  • menu’s or references
  • Words or phrases to include or exclude
  • Overall Layout

I know it’s hard to tell someone potentially halfway around the world exactly what we in-visage in our minds but the more descriptive we can be the better the outcome. There will most likely be contact and communication from both parties during the process if there are unanswered questions or things that need clarifying.

What If I Don’t Like My Final Order

If something goes wrong or you feel you have been shortchanged in any way you can request a revision to fix what needs to be done.

If you are not happy at all, you can get credit back to your account to reuse on another freelancer, or you can request a money refund.

Remember the idea is not to end up in this place. do your research before ordering service to minimize the risk of being unsatisfied with the final result of the product or service.

Final Notes

Freelance outsourcing is not just a way for people to make a living working online, it is a way for people in all industries to speed up productivity and get ( hopefully ) the best of the best to work on all different areas of their business.

Fiverr has thousands upon thousands of helpful freelancers all offering their talents. I urge you to take a look….. This service has been used more than 860 times, I had a good laugh. Check it out below.

===> I will make a happy birthday video for you from Donald Trump <===

Please leave a comment or if you have any questions please leave them below and I will get back to you when I can.

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Reviewed

After researching many different Wealthy Affiliate reviews and knowing what I know now, being a Wealthy Affiliate member, I thought it was only fair I explain to you exactly what it is that I found, This is Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Reviewed

Wealthy Affiliate reviews reviewed

There where both mixed good and bad reviews for Wealthy Affiliate and I cannot help but wonder why ?. Why were there so many good and bad, and why were the bad… Well………bad?

Firstly we must understand that there will be good and bad reviews for everything, Businesses, Movies, Products, and services, no matter what you are looking up, there will be both good and bad reviews. This is because not everyone has the same values, morals, and opinions and it is impossible to please everybody.

Bad Reviews Explained

Its only natural and we all do it when we can’t do something properly or comfortably, We stop doing it, We get frustrated and angry, lose motivation and inspiration, and most of all, forget why we starting the venture in the first place. In this case its Online Affiliate Marketing

I’m sure if everyone that signed up to Wealthy affiliate made thousands in there the first week by doing stuff all to get it, the reviews would all be glowing and positive, but that’s not the case.

As I searched through different reviews I noticed one huge problem with ” not so much the training ” but the people. People are not persistent or self-motivated enough to push through the hard and frustrating times. This is ultimately why there are so few people succeeding with there online business ventures.

Starting any online business is not as easy as some of these big affiliate gurus make it out to be, but I think people need to realize, If you start an online affiliate marketing business, you will need to stick with it usually for a few months before you will start to see any kind of following, traffic or money, as your website does need to build its identity and show google it has status.

Good Reviews Explainedimages

The reviews I read that were positive for wealthy affiliates varied from people that had made it big and were making a full time living from affiliate marketing, to people that just loved learning and making their way through the wealthy affiliate training program.

All these people have certain traits

  • Self-motivated – Ambitious is one thing, self-motivation is another
  • Vision – They have a vision of their overall outcome or goal. Where they wanted to end up.
  • Inspiration – Keep inspired, Find a mentor or idle, Be inspired to achieve your goals
  • They have the correct training – There is a lot of bad advise around. Get the right training
  • Determination – Not giving up when you get down or disheartened
  • Disciplined – You will need to be strict on yourself, ” Nothing happens thinking about it “
  • TAKE ACTION – This has to be one of the biggest contributing factors in people that are successful. They all take action, why wait? Get up and do it.

The outcomedownload 1

Reviews are all peoples self opinions of what they thought of a particular product or service, The results depend solely on the individual.

The question is, will you be one of the successful few that takes action. Will you be self-motivated and disciplined to follow a routine and push through the hard times, I know all courses are lacking in certain areas and I have been completely honest in my Wealthy Affiliate review, but remember in most cases it is not the courses fault why people are not succeeding, It is them themselves.

If you have any questions or comments please leave below and I will be sure to read and/or get back to you.

Affiliate Marketing Training Course

If you have ever wanted to earn money affiliate marketing then you are going to need to do an affiliate marketing course. The problem is, which affiliate marketing program do we choose ?.

There are now hundreds, if not thousands of affiliate marketing courses and training platforms around, Is there a best one? Do they all include affiliate marketing training? Do you have to find Affiliates to sign up with? Do you get a website? How do you know if you are advertising correctly?

I’m not gonna tell you I have tried all the affiliate marketing platforms out there, but I have tried a few. Before I give you insight into what I think what the best affiliate marketing training course is, Just know that no matter which one you choose, They will all take dedication and commitment to be financially independent of, but it can, and will happen if you just TAKE ACTION.

Any successful entrepreneur will tell you the same thing, You must TAKE ACTION, We can watch video after video on youtube about how to do something, but you will learn it much faster if you do it physically in person.


Affiliate Marketing Training Course

When starting any form of online business, it is essential to understand the basic foundations of what you are about to embark on. This is not a make money overnight kind of thing, so don’t expect it to be, However, Motivation, determination, and focus can bring huge rewards in only a matter of weeks, if trained and taught correctly, and you have implemented and executed the training properly yourself

Video tutorials are a must if you are going to succeed in any online affiliate marketing venture. The fact that 65% of people learn better with visual and spoken videos, rather than just written tutorials, means if you sign up to an Affiliate marketing training course that does not offer video training, you are most likely already on a path to be unsuccessful.

Best Affiliate Marketing Program

Hands down, No other affiliate marketing training program is as complete and fully equipped to get you up and running as Wealthy Affiliate is. From having no eCommerce skills at all to becoming A full time, professional affiliate marketer.

Wealthy Affiliate has over 1.4 million registered accounts made, They have helped thousands of everyday trapped people break free from their ball and chain lives, and teach people how to obtain complete financial freedom and flexibility through affiliate marketing

Wealthy Affiliate’s Membership Plans

There are two types of membership plans at Wealthy Affiliate.

A FREE membership plan Perfect for anyone that just wants to get inside and see what it’s all about. The free membership still offers you a free website and over 20 video training tutorials to get up and running.

A PREMIUM membership plan

The Premium membership – If you already know you are all in and keen to go for it, The premium membership is an absolute bargain for the money, The membership is $49.00 per month, With this, you get everything you need to succeed in online affiliate marketing. Just remember it is up to you at the end of the day to succeed, TAKE ACTION, and get going. You have nothing to lose.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership Plan – What you get – Main points

  • Already has 1.4 million registered members – The proof is in the pudding
  • 15 years In the industry with over 1,800 expert coaches
  • Step by step training library – This is exactly what newbies need.
  • A huge like-minded social community that is always keen to help you out, Remember they were once newbies too. and its motivational to hang around and talk with like-minded people.
  • Almost 6,000,000 products ready for you to sell
  • Jaaxy – You will need this. Jaxxy is the ultimate keyword search tool used to find target keywords to use in your articles and attract more visitors
  • Thousands of Website templates and themes, App plugins, and everything else needed to design, build, and produce high-quality websites.

==> Click here to view a full list of membership features <==

Overall Summary

Either you get involved or you don’t, the choice is ultimately yours. Just know that the people that do TAKE ACTION and stick with it, will be the ones who end up having financial freedom and flexibility.

Trust me I have been there and I know first hand how frustrating it can get, Remember it only gets easier, and there are thousands of wealthy affiliate members more than willing to help you succeed, Including me.

===>TAKE ACTION and I’ll see you on the inside <===

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