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What Is Freelance Outsourcing? – Outsourcing Explained

What is freelance outsourcing

For some of us, it is how we run our businesses, for others, it is something you may not have even heard of. Running a business is no small venture and most businesses cannot survive solely on the reliability of one person doing everything. So what is outsourcing ?.

What Is Freelance Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is simply the process of getting someone else to do something for you. If someone wanted to start an online business but had no idea about building or making websites, they could outsource this task to someone else, and get them to build it for a certain price.

You may think this seems silly when we can access all the training on how to build our own websites on youtube or google, So why pay someone else to do it?.

Why outsourcing can be a good move

  • How long will it take you to build the website you want?
  • Will it be as professional as someone that makes websites for a living?
  • Will all the backlinks and signup forms etc work correctly?
  • Is there anything else ( most probably ) you can be doing with your time to help your business instead of spending days, weeks, sometimes months learning to do something you probably do not need to learn?

I have used building a website as an example but you can outsource anything nowadays from…

  • Industries and engineering

Among these categories are thousands of sub-categories where people are offering their services. One time I saw someone advertising to sing happy birthday to a person of their choice whilst balancing on their head, then they send you the video. I think it was $5 for each order.

This is not one that I would use personally but is just an example to show you what kind of things are possible to outsource. There are thousands of professions out there and outsourcing, freelance websites are some of the most helpful business tools today.

Where to find Free Lancers – Outsourcing Websites

This is a list of my top five freelance websites


I use on a regular basis as this keeps my online business moving forward while I carry on doing the things I am more efficient on, Writing blogs, Keyword research, Finding domain names, etc.

Using A freelance Service

Using a freelance service can be a pleasurable experience, or it can go hellishly wrong. Over the years I have used freelancing or outsourcing website services, I have come to know what to look for when buying a service from somebody.

  • Overall star rating – just like any physical product, previous buyers will let you know their thoughts of the process and overall result.
  • Communication barrier – Freelancers are located all around the world so if you are looking to buy a service, Read their descriptions of what they are offering to do for you, Sometimes their descriptions are so poorly written, this is a good pre-insight into how your service may be presented.
  • Demand – How many previous orders have there been? Is the freelancer new? or have they been doing this for years and have loads of previous orders
  • Price – Fiverr starts services at $5, some are hundreds or even thousands so before placing an order, make sure to shop around for the specific service you desire. Price does not always reflect quality.

Descriptions For Your Freelancer

One of the biggest mistakes I made when I first used an outsourcing platform, was not being descriptive enough in my service request form that I filled out when ordering the service.

The communication was bad as I had not done my research on the freelancer properly in the first place, this caused MAJOR issues and loads of frustration during the making and delivery of my final product.

Add as many details about what it is you are after in your service description. This paints a better picture in their heads of what it is you are wanting.

descriptions may include…

  • Names, places or dates
  • Colors and style
  • Theme or themes.
  • Size or other measurements
  • Images and videos
  • menu’s or references
  • Words or phrases to include or exclude
  • Overall Layout

I know it’s hard to tell someone potentially halfway around the world exactly what we in-visage in our minds but the more descriptive we can be the better the outcome. There will most likely be contact and communication from both parties during the process if there are unanswered questions or things that need clarifying.

What If I Don’t Like My Final Order

If something goes wrong or you feel you have been shortchanged in any way you can request a revision to fix what needs to be done.

If you are not happy at all, you can get credit back to your account to reuse on another freelancer, or you can request a money refund.

Remember the idea is not to end up in this place. do your research before ordering service to minimize the risk of being unsatisfied with the final result of the product or service.

Final Notes

Freelance outsourcing is not just a way for people to make a living working online, it is a way for people in all industries to speed up productivity and get ( hopefully ) the best of the best to work on all different areas of their business.

Fiverr has thousands upon thousands of helpful freelancers all offering their talents. I urge you to take a look….. This service has been used more than 860 times, I had a good laugh. Check it out below.

===> I will make a happy birthday video for you from Donald Trump <===

Please leave a comment or if you have any questions please leave them below and I will get back to you when I can.

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