About Me!

When I first started looking at ways to make money online, there were loads of opportunities, and there still is, pages and pages of search results, where to start?, What to do? Who to trust?.

Hello and welcome to my website!

My name is Luke Moretti, I have a wonderful family of four, and live in Golden Bay, New Zealand.

This is just a little info about me, and how I got into Affiliate Marketing online. 

Before affiliate marketing online for a living, I was a concrete placer and finisher for about 14 years.


It was not unusual to be up at 4 am in the morning, to be ready and in the work yard by 5 am, to travel and be on the worksite by 6 am and ready for concrete.


Our start times varied from day to day, and our weeks often looked something like this…

Monday start at 7 am, Tuesday at 5 am, Wednesday at 6 am, Thursday at 7 am and Friday at 5:30 am. Our timetable was always different depending on the size of the job, the weather, the availability of concrete, and the number of staff available.


We often had no idea what time we would finish, and my hours varied from day to day, sometimes It felt like night shift work, mixed with day shift work as a lot of days carried on long into the night. 


Crazy when I look back on it now, but this was routine and this was what I was used to doing, just another “number” stuck in the system…stuck in my comfort zone…and stuck in life.

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Luke Moretti concrete placing
Luke Moretti

Breaking free from the rat race system of working for someone else is very possible and not only have I done it, I know exactly what it takes to get there.


Since learning about making money online, and doing the processes, I have been able to regain my financial freedom and flexibility by building passive online income streams through affiliate marketing online.


And I know you can do the same!


Anyone can learn to do what I have done, it just takes practice.

“Go and build your own dream, or someone else will hire you to build theirs”

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Luke Moretti

I Want To Help You Succeed Online!

I am now on a mission to help as many people as I can and become a first-class affiliate by teaching them the skills needed to make money from home online, as an affiliate marketer.

Any passion, hobby, or interest can make money online, and if you have the right training, through Wealthy Affiliate you do! and the right attitude, you can find success in online affiliate marketing.


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