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What We Do - How Affiliate Marketing Works

Signing Up With Affiliate Programs

Many companies like Amazon.com, Aliexpress & Alibaba, offer affiliate programs for people to join.

There are also affiliate program platforms like clickbank.com, and digistore24.com that offer thousand of affiliate programs for you to join all in one place.

By joining an affiliate program, once approved by the vendor, you will now have the right to advertise these products or services online.

Advertising Your Products Or Services Online

Once you have joined one or more affiliate programs you can now start advertising your affiliate links online.

Affiliate links are special links given to you when you are approved into an affiliate program. They are specific to you and you only, and these are what you will use to advertise the chosen product or service.

You will have a different affiliate link for almost every product or service you decide to advertise.

Making Your First Sale Online $$$

I still remember my first ever sale...I was over the moon, and it only got better from there on in.

Every time someone from anywhere in the world clicks on one of your affiliate links and makes a purchase...YOU GET PAID A COMMISSION!

Some sales can earn you easily over $100 a sale...imagine 10 sales a week...this is very achievable

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