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How To Find Domain Names – 2020

Domain Names

About 8 years ago my friend was telling me that he had sold a domain name that he had, I knew nothing about domain names at this stage, but the subject sounded interesting so it ended up being a long conversation.

He had told me he had been buying domain names from a website called Godaddy, and then he would put these domain names on a domain name auction site, to hopefully be sold for a profit. Domain names alone with no websites attached can have huge value, Live domain auctions happen all over the world and some domain names can sell for millions.

 ===> Check Out This crazy Domain Auction from a few years back <===

That night I sat down and had a go at finding these domain names, I searched up as my friend had said, and then was directed to start searching for available domain names.

To start with I had trouble finding any available names, and the available domain names I was finding were all weird combinations of words. I bought a few anyway but made nothing and left them to expire.

So what was I doing wrong or how was I supposed to find these good domain names ?. 8 years later I’m about to show you.

What Makes A Good Domain Name

There are a few different contributing factors in a good domain name, these are…

  • The overall length of the name
  • How relevant the keyword
  • How much organic traffic the domain name has
  • The type of TLD assigned with each name eg..ORG, .NET.COM

Remember this is just the domain name itself with no website at all. If you can find a keyword for a domain name that is already receiving a lot of organic traffic, Build A website based around that keyword and you’re well on your way to owning a very valuable website. I will make a video on this in the up and coming months to further visually show you how I do this.

Finding the domain name

For this example, I am going to use as there domain name search displays similar domain names based around your desired available/unavailable domain name, and this is what we will be using to find great available domain names.

  1. Go to

How to find domain names

On the main page, it will say in a search box ” Find your perfect domain here “

Type in the domain name you are wanting to search for. ( If you want a .com, I would suggest putting .com in the search bar with your wanted domain name…Example,

If your search results come back ” your domain name is unavailable ” scroll down the page further and it will automatically show you available names that are similar and / or include your original searched domain name. You can scan down the list fairly quickly as you are only interested in finding the .coms and there will only be a few or so…

  1. If nothing is suggested from that list, try again. Sometimes I can find good domains in a matter of seconds, Other times it can take hours.


  1. Search for a keyword or phrase, In this example, I have chosen the keyword
  2. Press enter and wait for the results to come in

how to find domain names

one of three options will show,

  • Your domain name is available and you can buy now,
  • your domain is available but someone else owns it and is selling it for a small fortune
  • your domain name is unavailable and you will then scroll down to look through the suggested results

In this example I searched for and it was available to buy for $7,900.00 so I scrolled down the page and found two OK results, they were and, this only took about 2 minutes to find so imagine an hour’s worth of hunting.

There are literally millions of keyword combinations out there and so many new possibilities with business opportunities, who knows how much someone is willing to pay for a domain name.

Happy Searching

If you are on the hunt for a domain name I hope this article has helped in your quest. If you have any questions or comments please leave below and ill do my best to get back to ya.


So What Makes a good domain name

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  1. I loved your process of finding a domain name. Its simple and easy. And if done right can net you thousands or even more for rare but relevant names. I think that I will do the same thing and see if I can strike gold. Thanks for writing such an insightful article.

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