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Wealthy Affiliate – New 2020 Platform Review

A Long-anticipated wait for the release of the New Wealthy Affiliate Platform, has exceeded expectations and is setting a new high standard of what an online affiliate marketing training platform should be and look like.

The Wealthy Affiliate University has over 1.3 million registered users and has helped thousands of  entrepreneurs start their journey online, for an overall outcome of complete financial freedom and flexibility

I have been a Wealthy Affiliate member for over a year now and started making good money about 4 months after starting out. I could see the faults with the old platform as some of the training videos needed updating as so many of the video tutorials were no longer applicable or useful.

Even though this was somewhat of an issue, I still got my head around things and was still able to make money online.

The New Wealthy Affiliate Platform

After logging into my Wealthy Affiliate back office, I must admit I was taken back by the new layout, Wow… Easier on the eyes, More easily accessible features, another membership option, and upgraded training videos and tutorials.

Wealthy Affiliate still offers a Free Membership Plan for anyone that wants to check it out before committing and upgrading to at least the premium membership plan or the Premium Plus membership plan.

The new platform is very user friendly and only after about 10 minutes of looking around, I had a good understanding of where everything was and where I needed to go to do keyword research or write blogs, Find more affiliate programs to join, Where to ask for help, or just communicate with other members.

For many, the old Wealthy Affiliate platform was confusing and hard to navigate, so I was glad to see this sorted out. There are more dropdown menus meaning more options and tools at only a click away

The Overall Wealthy Affiliate Platform Changes

  • The template and color scheme has changed to a more modern and user friendly look
  • The training has been updated and there is now more live classes to take advantage of
  • The menus have been sorted in a more compatible and user friendly way
  • They have introduced a new membership plan bundle option ( Premium Plus )
  • Better page layouts for different tools and options
  • Overall a huge difference to the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost

As per the old Wealthy Affiliate Memberships, There were two kinds…

  • The Free Membership Plan This is completely free and lets you get set up and running, but has limited tools and features.
  • The Premium Plan This plan is $49.00 per month

With the new wealthy affiliate platform, they have introduced a new membership option witch is the…

  • Premium Plus Membership – $99.00 per month. The new premium plus membership plan is for those who want the best of everything with unlimited usages of tools, software, and training. This is more of a discounted bundle package deal, and well worth it, The Jaaxy Enterprise membership plan is $99 per month alone, which is only one of the many tools and perks included in the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus Membership.

Who Can Benefit From Wealthy Affiliate

  • Everyone can gain from the Wealthy Affiliate University as the training provided can be applied to…
  • Any New Business
  • Any Existing Business
  • Anyone In Need Of Employment
  • Anyone That Wants To Start Building A Passive Income
  • Anyone That Needs Help Or Guidance
  • Anyone That Wants To Better Themselves


Throughout the Wealthy Affiliate Course you will taught…

  • How to start and set up a website – Including adding pages, categories, menus, plugins etc
  • You will learn how to back up and update your website and plugins
  • You will index your website with Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines
  • You will build how to blog and build out your website with useful information and writing tactics
  • How to use Jaaxy – A keyword research tool to help identify your exact target market, and find out valuable information about what your market is looking for
  • You will get access to millions of products and services for you to advertise and get commissions from if someone buys the product or service
  • You will learn social media advertising, Including Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube
  • You will learn PPC advertising – One of my personal favorites.
  • How to scale and grow your new online business

Why Wealthy Affiliate?

After 14 years of heavy labor in the concrete industry, nothing can beat the freedom and flexibility that comes with building an online business

I studied at Wealthy Affiliate for a few reasons…

  • They were reliable and their training was adequate enough for me to do and actually make money.
  • Their platform was set up in a way I could understand
  • There were loads of testimonials
  • They were not promising me thousands of $ overnight…Effort is rewarded
  • This was my way of building a passive online income.

The Only Person That Can Change Your Living Situation For The Better Is You

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Just like always, Any questions or comments, please leave them below, and I will be sure to read/respond to them.

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