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What Is PPC Advertising About? – Success In 2021

So you may have started a website or online business and have heard about PPC advertising, So what is PPC advertising about? and how can it help our online business?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, and overall this is exactly what it is…Paying for a click (customer) to be directed to your website, product or service

PPC advertising can be done through Google and/or Microsoft and is done to increase traffic to your website/product or service.

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How PPC Works

When you run a PPC campaign you are placing bids on certain keywords based on your niche.

When someone types these keywords into Yahoo, Bing, or Google, your ad will be displayed in front of them and hopefully they will click on it and be directed to your website.

Depending on how much competition there is for those keywords, there is a direct reflection on how much you will have to pay to get your ad shown above someone else’s.

REMEMBER: just because you bid high enough to get your ad seen, this does not mean someone will click on it – you will NOT be charged if no one clicks on your ad

If someone clicks on your ad you WILL be charged your bid amount…This does not guarantee website sales etc

This is an example of a PPC campaign that I was running.

I started my bid off at $0.40 per click but after a couple of days running my ad, I had not received any clicks as my bid of $0.40 was not high enough for that keyword.

Microsoft kindly tells us what we need to bid to get the most views for our ad.

PPC Example

The Process Of PPC

The idea of PPC is that you pay Google and/or Microsoft to advertise certain words to people that are looking up products or services based around your chosen niche.

For this example, I will use the niche ” Video Software “

The website we have sells video software and is only a new website so I need to start driving traffic to help get sales. I can do this through PPC advertising.

The Process In Setting Up A PPC Ad

  • Find the words or phrases that you want to advertise on…for example, Video Software, Easy Video Software, Free Video Software, Best Video Software, This can be done using a keyword research tool like Jaaxy
  •  Set up your ad with Google and/or Microsoft 
  • Add your keywords and place a bid on each keyword.
  • Set a budget for your ad…This is usually a daily budget.
  • Run your ad for at least 5 – 7 days and analyze results

Finding Keywords To Advertise With

Anyone into online business should be using keyword research, and if you are not…chances are you are missing out on loads of free traffic, as well as an exceptionally intricate look into what your target market is looking up on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

By typing a keyword or phrase into Jaaxy, Jaaxy will tell us how many people are typing in that keyword or phrase every month,

Jaaxy will also show us other related keywords and how many times they are looked up per month, As well as competition for that keyword and what our chances are of ranking in Google search for that keyword or phrase.

Learn Online Marketing And PPC

This article is just a quick overview of what is PPC advertising about.

If you are wanting to learn more about PPC advertising and how to make money online I would recommend studying at the Wealthy Affiliate University. 

This is where I have studied and I would not recommend anywhere else to do so.

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