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What Is Digital Marketing Strategies? Strategize Your Success

What is digital marketing strategies

If you are new to online marketing you may have the question, What is digital marketing strategies?.

Simply put… Digital marketing is advertising online, and digital marketing strategies is how we go about advertising online, and what our overall plan of attack is.

There are endless digital marketing strategies, and every online business should have some kind of digital marketing strategy in place

This ensures our growth as an online business and if done correctly, will ultimately end in more traffic and more sales.

having a good digital marketing strategy also gives us valuable information on our target market, and again if we use this information correctly, you can start seeing results very quickly, including more traffic, more sales, and more leads through opt-in email freebies.

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Sales And Marketing Strategies

When it comes to sorting out a digital marketing strategy, you will first need to know which type of advertising you are going to be doing, and what strategy is best for your business.

There are endless ways in which someone online can start advertising their online business, but if you are trying to do them all at once, you will almost always find that you will not get anywhere very fast in any of them.

I would suggest concentrating on one until you are getting good results

Types Of Online Marketing Strategies

These are some of the more common ways, in which online businesses go about advertising through digital marketing

  • Facebook Advertising
  • Pinterest Advertising
  • YouTube Videos
  • Content Marketing ( Blogs )
  • PPC ( Pay Per Click Advertising )
  • All Social Platforms & Forums
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Influence Marketing
  • SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

JAAXY Keuword Research

It doesn’t matter which type of online digital marketing/advertising you choose, it is always better to have some kind of digital marketing strategy in place to give you some idea of growth, timelines, and a better idea of where you will end up if you stick with your digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Strategy Examples

Jaaxy keyword research tool review

The above graph is my results on traffic, about 1 week after implementing SEO and using a keyword search tool like Jaaxy.

I could not believe my eyes…I went from an average of 0 – 10 visits to my website to well over 1000 people to my website over just 2 days

  • Consistency – This is one crucial strategy that is perfect to help get your business up off the ground. On average for any website, 1 blog post a week is a minimum, 2 is good and 3 is excellent, The more the better but you need to be consistent.

By this, we can forecast a timeline in how many posts we will have by a certain date. For example, if I was doing 3 blog posts a week for my website, I know in 4 weeks ( 1 month ) I will have 12 blog posts, If I do this for 6 months I will have 72 blog posts, Now we have an idea of our growth at a minimum.

    • Adding Links – Internal and external links – If blogging and writing posts, another marketing strategy is to add links. This works on the same principle as blogs. If we added 1 internal and 1 external link in every blog we write, over the 72 blog posts we now have 144 links on our website. If we did 2 internal and 2 external we would have 4 per blog post giving us a total of 288 links
    •  Social Media Marketing – Any social media sites should be looked at in the same way, If you promoted your Ad, Product, or service on 3 social media websites, One ad very quickly becomes 4 ads

If we use the same 3 blogs per week example, 1 on the website, and 3 on social media, we now have 4 lots of advertising going on. 4 adverts or posts at 3 x per week is 12 blogs a week on the web waiting for traffic. That’s 48 blog/product/or service ads per month, 288 advertisements in 6 months, etc…FAST GROWTH

      •  PPC ( Pay Per Click Advertising ) – PPC advertising is one of my personal favorites. If you are just starting PPC advertising you will be finding out which keywords are working and which ones are not. If you have run your keywords for 2 – 4 weeks and you have a good ROI ( Return On Investment ) A very common digital marketing strategy is to double down for example…

If I spent $50 a week on advertising for 4 weeks and on got an average of $100 per week back in sales, So $400 all up, The ad cost you $200 ( $50 x 4 weeks ), So you are $200 in profit, this is 200% ROI.
The Idea now is to double down your investment from $50 to $100, Now you will spend $400 per month on advertising and get back $800 in return, Now we double down again, Spend $800 and get back $1.600.
This is one of the most common ways to grow money fast with PPC. As long as your product or service is not seasonal or a trend you should be able to keep this digital marketing strategy going.

      • Email Marketing – Giving away freebees on your website in exchange for email addresses and contact information is priceless…You may have heard the saying “The Moneys In The List” For many people this is true. This is because every email you collect through your opt-in email form is a target market potential customer.

If you have a website on sports drinks and nutrition, and your opt-in freebies, is a free book on making healthy smoothies, If you get 100 people to sign up to that opt-in form, you now know those 100 people are definitively interested in healthy smoothies. Now if you were to come across any kind of sports nutrition smoothie products you can send 1 email, and have it go to all 100 of you targeted customers, knowing that they are more likely to open, read and potentially make a purchase. now imagine a email list of 1000, – 100,000 or even 1,000,000.00 emails. These size list do exist.

What Is The Best Marketing Strategy

What the best marketing strategy is will vary from business to business, making this a very tough question to answer.


There are basic principles that fit with most online marketing examples I gave earlier, and when merged together, can be an unstoppable online business destined for success

The Best Digital Marketing Strategy ( Putting Them Together )

Example Of Growth When Added Together

3 blogs/posts per week on your website, shared onto 3 other social networking platforms, each blog/post with 4 links in.

So 3 posts/week x 4 weeks per month = 12 posts per month, one on our website and 3 social platforms = 48 posts per month x 4 links in each post = 192 links per month

48 post x 12 months = 576 posts x 4 links per post = 2,304 links

This is one of the most simple and effective digital marketing strategies, that is used by thousands of online businesses.

This is based on 3 blogs per week, the rest is copy and paste ( + or – a few tweaks )

Imagine doing 6 blogs per day…The potential is unlimited, and once you start getting some online authority with your business, start adding in other forms of marketing techniques and strategies, The more you do the better.

Overall Conclusion To Digital Marketing Strategies

The above digital marketing strategies are just a few of the most common ways to start building your online identity, and I would recommend any online business to start at this point. The 3 rule…3 blog posts, each shared to 3 social media platforms every week, You will see some fast results.

Every digital marketing strategy can be tailored to fit your own wants or needs, this is one advantage of running our own online business.

For anyone just starting out…THE BIGGEST ADVICE I can give is to BE PATIENT. Good things take time, and if you stick with this, you will see the results.

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