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What Is A Niche Target Market? What You Need To Know!

Defining “what is a niche target market” is something easily explained with some examples with a tool I use named Jaxxy, but first, let us distinguish between a niche and a sub-niche or Micro Niche as this is vital in moving forward and will help you having success online.

As the old saying goes… 

“If You Are Advertising To Everyone…You Are Advertising To No One

What Is A Niche?

A while back I was advising a friend on starting up an online store…He told me he had two main website ideas…One of the websites the niche was Gothic, and the other was Football.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I said to him”…but almost, and I will explain why, using the niche Gothic as an example.

What Is A Niche

  • A niche is a targeted idea or theme for your business…This is what your business will focus on and will specialize in. In today’s digital world having a broad niche like “Gothic” is not going to get you very far as there is too much competition for broad niche keywords like Football and Gothic…So we have to dive deeper into what I like to call Sub-Niches.

What Is A Sub-Niche

  • Sub-Niches are derivatives from the main keyword or main niche… For example…Instead of the niche Gothic…I would suggest a sub-niche of…Gothic Rings, or Gothic Lamps, Gothic Posters, or anything more specific to gothic than just “gothic”…The difference is massive and I will explain why.

Niche Vs Sub-Niche Vs Google

On average it takes Google about 3-6 months to start looking at your website with some authority, this is if you have kept up with blogs, growth, comments, updates, etc…

The problem with large and broad niche keywords is because Google will have trouble identifying exactly what your website is about and will find it confusing as to when to show your website over others in search results.

google icon

For example, If someone was after something Gothic they usually know what it is that they are after…therefore they are not going to type Gothic into Google search to find it, They will be more specific and type in something like…

  • Gothic Rings
  • Gothic Tops
  • Gothic Posters
  • Gothic Furniture

Or Even More Micro Niche Like…

  • Gothic Silver Rings
  • Black Gothic
  • Large Gothic Posters
  • Gothic Shelves

These are all more specific and more Sub-Niche than the broad word Gothic, Or Gothic Rings etc

If someone types Gothic Posters into Google, Google searches all relevant websites related to that keyword ( Gothic Posters ) and shows you the search results whose websites best match Gothic Posters.

If your website is new and has just started out sellbits of everything gothic…Google will have trouble defining if your website is worth showing to someone who is after gothic posters

Put it this way…If you were after “Gothic Rings” and you had the choice between an actual Gothic Ring shop to go to or a Gothic bits of all sorts shop…which one is more likely to have what you want?


Yes there is a chance the other store will still might have what you are after…but Google has potentially hundreds of thousands to millions of websites to search through and it only shows the top 10 on page 1 of search results…hence why if you are Sub-niche or even Sub-sub-niche you already cut out a huge chunk, if not most of your competition.,

What Is A Niche Target Market?

Once you know what your sub-niche store or business is about, you can start diving deeper into finding your niche’s target market.

To do this I use a keyword research tool called Jaaxy, Jaaxy is an extremely powerful keyword research tool that lets us see what people are typing into Google and how many times per month people are searching for these keywords. 

Finding Your Target Market With Jaaxy

I use Jaaxy almost daily for keyword research and this tool should be looked at seriously if you are wanting to make money online or to help drive traffic to your website/product/service.

For this example, we will only look at a few columns in Jaaxys search results…The “keyword Column” and the amount of times that keyword is typed into Google Yahoo and Bing…the “Avg Column”. For the example I will use the same keyword Gothic, and show you the results…now we can start to identify what keywords people are looking for based around the broad niche Gothic.

Jaaxy Research

The word Gothic is typed into search engines 9636 times on average per month…but this is not targeted enough to be narrowing down your target market.

The word Gothic Images is searched for 951 times on average in search results…So this could be a good Sub-Niche to travel down…After I have found a more targeted Sub-Niche like Gothic Images we can then “CLICK’ on Gothic Images and really target in on who and what our target market is looking up.

These Are The Results…


These are the top searches based around the Sub-Niche keyword  Gothic Images…Almost all of these results are excellent and if you wanted to dive deeper into one of these Sub-Niches you can click again and get a list of all Sub-Sub-Niches…

This is also how I go About Finding target market keywords when running PPC campaigns.


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I hope this article has helped you in some way, and if you have any questions or comments please do leave them below and I will be sure to read and or reply.

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