Finding Success In Affiliate Marketing

Finding Success In Affiliate Marketing Online 2021

Finding success in affiliate marketing is something many will never get the satisfaction of having and most affiliate marketers who have found success would all agree there is no short, or easy road to success…but there is a road and there can indeed be success.

To anyone out there trying to make it online…I wish you all the best and I hope this article can be of some assistance.

Reasons People Fail At Affiliate Marketing…

  • They Give Up Way To Fast
  • They Had Or Have Inadequate Training
  • They Haven’t Followed The Training Correctly
  • They Lost Inspiration And Momentum
  • Started For The Wrong Reasons – Usually Money Hungry ( THIS IS NOT GET RICH QUICK )

Reasons People Are Successful At Affiliate Marketing

  • Found And Completed A Legit Course Like Wealthy Affiliate
  • Followed The Training Correctly
  • Kept Going When Things Got Tough & Didn’t Quit
  • Learned What They Were Shown And Continued To Grow Their Business
  • Found Inspiration When Things Got Low, A Reminder Of What Was On The Other Side ( Complete Financial Freedom & Flexibility )

We cannot expect to get everything correct the first time around, and this goes for everything in life. It can be frustrating at times just like any job.

I know first hand what it takes to build an online income and if I had to choose between affiliate marketing or the physical work for someone else job… I know I would NEVER go back to that ball and chain way of life,  a prisoner in the system and to your employer.

I am building my own dream and I know you can do the same.

Success In Affiliate Marketing

Learning how to sell products and services online is something that takes practice

Wealthy Affiliate is an online affiliate marketing training platform that teaches anyone how to start building passive income streams online through affiliate marketing. 

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most respected online training platforms in the world and I strongly urge anyone to give it a go…You may be surprised!

Why I Recommend Wealthy Affiliate

  • They Offer A Free Starter Membership ( Try Before You Buy )
  • Insanely Competitive Membership Deals If You Decide To Continue ( View Memberships Here )
  • Thousand Of Success Stories That Prove The System Works
  • There System Is Easy To Follow & Can Be Worked On At Your Own Pace
  • There Is Unlimited Earnings Potential
  • The Training Includes In-depth Tutorials On Keyword Research ( Perfect For Free Traffic )
  • The Wealthy Affiliate Community Has Been More Than Helpful And Site Help Is Always There…24/7 Help
  • There Backoffice Is Easy To Use And All Tools Are Only A Click Away
Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most respected online affiliate marketing training platforms in the world and I strongly recommend taking action and getting involved…they offer a free starter membership so you have nothing to lose.
Through Wealthy Affiliate I have Built Passive Income Streams That Allow Me To Live Life With Financial Freedom And Flexibility, and I would never go back to my previous physical employment. ( Concrete Placer )

What Affiliate Marketers Will Learn

  1. I know when I write this down as a list it will look like an enormous amount of information to learn and I am not saying every affiliate marketer learns and/or does all of these things, but I know I do and many others do as well.

What Affiliate Marketers Learn

  • Setting Up A Website…With this, you will learn about…
  1. Website Hosting, Security, Website Themes…
  2. You Will Learn About Website Design, Customization, Plugins, Widgets
  3. How To Make Website Pages And Menus, Categories
  4. How To Maintain Your Website(s) Updates And Backups
  • Keyword Research
  1. How To Conduct Keyword Research
  2. How To Find And Locate Who Your Exact Target Market Is
  3. How To Find Out How Much Competition There Is For Certain Keywords
  4. Which Keywords Will Bring In How Much Traffic Per Month If You Rank On Google
  5. How To Split Test Different Keywords To See Which Convert Better
  • Finding And Joining Affiliate Programs
  1. You Will Be Taught How To Find Affiliate Programs Bassed Around Your Chosen Niche
  2. How To Find Top Affiliate Products And High Ticket Payouts
  3. This Means You Will Learn About Your Products/Service
  • Content Marketing And Advertising
  1. How To Write blogs That Are Appealing To Your Target Audience And Search Engines Like Google, Yahoo And Bing
  2. How To Find Affiliate Programs To Join And How To Insert Coded Links Into Your Blogs/Articles/pages
  3. How To Start And Grow Social Media Accounts.
  4. How To Gain Loads Of Free Traffic Through These Techniques
  5. PPC ( Pay Per Click ) Advertising…One Of My Personal Favourates…How To Run Paid Adverts Through Google, Yahoo And Bing And Target Certain Keywords
  • SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )
  1. You Will Be Taught What SEO Is And How It Can Drive Huge Amounts Of Traffic To Your Website/Page etc
  2. What Google, Yahoo, And Bing Look For When Scanning Blogs/Articles/Pages
  3. How To Run SEO Campaigns To Push Rankings
  • Email Marketing
  1. How To Add Email Lead Capture Forms Onto Pages To Collect Targeted Emails
  2. How To Grow Your Email List And How To Set Up Automated Emails

Where To Find Products To Sell

Finding success in affiliate marketing means you need to have products or services to sell… 

Where do we get these products you may ask? There are now thousands of affiliate programs to join and knowing where to go and find these can be tricky if you dont know where to look

Where To Find Products To Sell

Just remember…it is all good and well having thousands of products to sell, it’s another knowing how to sell them…
  • Wealthy Affiliate – Wealthy Affiliate has thousand of affiliate programs all inside their platform, They Have everything needed to make money online all in one place..
  • Click Bank – By far the largest affiliate program site online, Great payouts
  • Digistore24 – One of my favorites – Loads of digital products with great commissions
  • Share A Sale – Very popular, great for physical store products
  • Awin – Ali Baba and Ali Express thousands more affiliate programs to join
  • JV Zoo – have used and is very good, easy to use however you do need to get approved and many sellers will not approve unless you have a certain amount of previous sales – Excellent for digital products 

Learning To Sell Products

It is all very well and good having products to sell but if you do not know how to advertise online you will never be finding success in affiliate marketing.

The ways in which we sell something online may vary, and advertising comes in many ways such as…

Types Of Advertising…

  • Content Marketing ( Blogging/Articles writing )
  • Social Media Advertising – This includes any or all of the following including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Webtalk, Linkedin, etc. These can all be free sources of traffic
  • PPC ( Pay Per Click ) Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Youtube Videos
  • Email Marketing

There are many online affiliate marketing and advertising courses to take and I will leave a list of a few courses for you to take a look at below, but first please do trust me when I say there is no short road to success and that the Wealthy Affiliate premium or premium+  membership is all anyone needs to run there whole online affiliate marketing business…

There Plans Are…

  • Free Starter Membership – Is completely free but limited – 1 website ( limited templates and training, keyword searches ) But great to start out.
  • Premium Membership is $49 month 
  • Premium+ Membership $99

Both the premium and premium+ memberships include some or all of the following…websites and templates, hosting and security for up to 50 websites, Full access to all the training video tutorials, you get unlimited keyword searches with Jaaxy, 24/7 help as well as loads of other helpful tools

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Plans

Other Online Courses

These other courses are legit and are all good in their own right, however, they do cost a lot and it just seems unnecessary. After all I make a living online and I started with Wealthy Affiliate…There is no reason you cannot do the same.

Finding Success In Affiliate Marketing

I cannot tell you how or which path is the best fit for you, however, I do know that whichever course you decide to choose, follow it exactly and keep going, keep practicing, keep striving for more, keep reminding yourself why you are doing this, find inspiration to keep going and to try again when at first you don’t succeed…and all of a sudden something will click…something will work…and success will come.

If you have any questions or comments, please do leave them below and I will be sure to read and/or respond.

I hope this article has helped you in finding success in affiliate marketing and I wish you all the best online in the future.

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