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Achieving complete financial freedom and flexibility is something only some will ever experience,  It takes hard work, dedication, focus and allot of perseverance, but overall the rewards are priceless.

I ” Myself ” by no means have reached  “complete financial freedom and flexibility yet ” but I am well on my way, and I can see the rewards for my efforts in starting an online business already.

Starting an affiliate marketing business online was the best thing I ever did for myself and my family, and I owe most of my thanks to the Wealthy Affiliate University

3 months after starting my training with Wealthy Affiliate, I had my first sale. My website was ranked in Google, I had built pages and had written blogs…by month 8, I had my first pay check for just under $600. It has only gotten better since then. Financial freedom and flexibility is that much closer…


The Ultimate Lifestyle

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Before we get into how we are building our passive online income streams, lets take a look at what it means to have financial freedom and flexibility.

Doing the things you love, when and how you want to. No financial stress, and all the time to live a life that’s not just work. More time for family and friends…and most of all doing the things you enjoy.

If I was to ask you what your ideal lifestyle looks like… What would you say?

For example…Not including physical assets

If your ideal lifestyle is to go on holiday 3 times a year, never work weekends, and have $1,000 per week passive income,

You would have to work out, how much it would cost you to live that ideal lifestyle…and what you would have to do to achieve this goal or dream.

  • 3 holidays per year on average of $5000 per trip = $15000 per year
  •  $1000 per week spending money = $52,000 per year
  • + Living expenses eg Rent/Power/food $40,000 per year

Total is $107,000 per year or $2,057 per week, to enable you to live your ultimate lifestyle.

So the question is…What do you need to do, to live your ultimate lifestyle?

Most people are living week to week and only just scraping by financially. Sacrificing all of their time for ” just enough money to get through “. 

I know most of you hate your jobs…You will work them for the next 20, 30, 40 or 50 years…only to have nothing to show at the end of it all…UNLESS YOU DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

How To Achieve Financial Freedom Online

Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, learning how to achieve financial freedom online through affiliate marketing has never been easier. 

Wealthy Affiliate is an online affiliate marketing training platform that is set up to teach anyone how to build an online passive income stream through affiliate marketing online. 

Affiliate Marketing is one of the fastest-growing work-online job opportunities you can get involved in today, and for obvious reasons…

Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing

  • You can get started for free ( Only through Wealthy Affiliate )
  • You don’t need your own products
  • You don’t need product or liability insurance
  • You can do this part-time or full time
  • You can do this from anywhere around the world
  • You are your own boss – work when and where you want
  • Help others and build a huge network
  • You are actually building a passive income allowing you to have more financial freedom and flexibility, not building someone else’s.

Through Wealthy Affiliate You Will Learn...

  • How to set up your first website
  • How to add pages and menus
  • How to build out your website
  • How to do keyword research
  • How to find affiliate programs to join
  • How to add links and pictures for your affiliate products and services
  • Social media advertising
  • PPC ( Pay Per Click ) advertising
  • How to build a marketing strategy
Most of the training is done through step by step training tutorials…Watch…Pause…And do.
There is so much value in this course and you can get started for free with their free starter membership ( No Credit Card Needed ). This is great for anyone just a little bit curious about the program.
If You are all in you will want to go premium ( Well worth it )

Success Lies Within You

I know this sounds ” Cheesy ” but it is bang on the money. The number one reason why people fail at making money online is simply because they quit too early and never really give their online businesses a chance to get up off the ground.

On average it takes 3 – 6 months for Google to start looking at your website with some authority, Most people give up within the first 2 – 3 weeks, This is simply because they are not seeing results instantly, and have most likely not made a cent.

This is normal, and if they just stuck in there a month or 2 later, This would have more than likely started to see results. 

When you think about working in a job you hate for the next 30, 40, 50 years, there is no comparison to working online for even 5 years, and at the end, have a completely automated passive online income, enabling you to enjoy life with complete financial freedom and flexibility…


I have never looked back and I only hope you will do the same

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