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What Are The Benefits Of Trying New Things?

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What are the benefits of trying new things? Like most people, trying new things is something we do not push ourselves to do very often, or at all.

So what are the benefits of trying new things, and why don’t we try them?

Why People Don't Try New Things

The enjoyment people could have if they just gave new activities a go, but why…why wont they?

There are a few contributing factors that stand out in most people s reasons for not trying something new…

  1. Laziness – Laziness is nothing but a bad habit that has been installed into us over the years and is something that many will never break. The reason for laziness…no instant repercussions for our actions.
  2. Fear – Fear of not being good at something, or fear of looking stupid in front of someone for giving it a go and not being pro at it yet.
  3. Money and finance – this is more of an excuse for most and is just a cover for being lazy or fear for that activity, However, I do understand everyone’s budget is different ( If you have one ) and some activities are out of reach financially.
  4. Our comfort zone or safe place – Our comfort zone is where we live, we know what we are doing, where we are going, how much we get paid, and on what day…this is great…no worries at all until years pass and you realize you wish you had done more or seen more. 
I have spoken to countless people that are not happy in their jobs or are longing for a pay rise or job advancement.
People need to realize that you are not going to be handed ANYTHING on a silver platter, you need to go out and get it yourself…Focus, dedication, and commitment…and of course this means trying something new.

How To Try Something New Every Day

Learning how to try something new every day and breaking away from these bad habits doesn’t have to be hard…

Start with simple things like…

  1. Brushing your teeth with your other hand
  2. Eat something different for breakfast/lunch/dinner
  3. Drive a different way when going out somewhere
  4. Do stretches first thing in the morning
  5. Go for a walk get out and do some gardening

Just doing any of these new activities tells the brain consciously, sub-consciously, and physically that it is ok to try new things.

The more we do these thing the better at them we get and the more enjoyable they become…The examples I gave were just examples…Try doing something new that already interest you. 

If you love music…go down to the local musicians club to check it out…

If you love chess…find a chess club to join… You get the idea

The Rewards For Trying Something New

The rewards for trying something new can be endless, I concreted for 14 years and now I work online helping people do the same…To start with this was difficult for me, but I practiced, I asked for help and I kept on going until I was successful…I look at where I am now and compared it to where I was…There is no comparison and I am happier than ever.


In most situations trying something new will bring 

  • Socializing – A chance to meet new people, possible friends
  • The feeling of WOW! I just did that is very rewarding
  • You will feel more fulfilled with life, not just sitting around wasting it.
  • More opportunities will arise. You never know what’s around the corner
  • A more positive outlook and self belief that you can do anything you set you mind to.

Build Yourself Passive Income Streams Online

As I mentioned earlier, I did not always work online, and the main reason I found online work was due to an injury at work and the boredom at home during recovery.

As soon as I started the training I could see a way out of my previous ball and chain job. I took action and started training to become an affiliate marketer online and this is exactly what I do now. 

I make money online through affiliate marketing and this is setting me up passive income streams of cash and will ultimately lead to a life of financial freedom and flexibility.

I owe my thanks to the Wealthy Affiliate University where I did my training, anyone can learn this, and I would recommend anyone that wants a carrier change or anyone looking to make some extra money to check them out.

Just like always…Any comments or questions, please leave them below and I will be sure to read and or reply.

4 thoughts on “What Are The Benefits Of Trying New Things?”

  1. I love how you tied in the need for change into why Wealthy Affiliate is the best bet. Plus, this article encouraged me to CONTINUE to step outside of my comfort zone and do what goes against what I have grown accustomed to doing.

    You do a great job elaborating on the benefits. However, you could mention detriments that arise from being lazy and fearful more thoroughly.

    Very comprehensive, yet simple to understand.

    1. Hey, Thanks for your comment, I am glad it has helped you, That is a good point you bring up, I can edit this in maybe, 

      Thanks for your thoughts and cheers for the read.

  2. This is an expository article explaining the benefits of trying new things. Just like other people, one of my major reason for not trying new things is fear; especially the fear of failure. If you have tried a thing and failed before, you’d understand this. It actually pays to try new stuffs. Doing this has a way of bringing us closer to the fulfillment of our destinies as it opens more opportunities. This is personally my favourite reason for being true new things.

    1. Hey Johnny, Thanks for your comment. I am glad you can relate. I myself would not be where I am today if I had not tried new things.
      Tanks again and don’t forget to….try new things.

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