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Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Reviewed

After researching many different Wealthy Affiliate reviews and knowing what I know now, being a Wealthy Affiliate member, I thought it was only fair I explain to you exactly what it is that I found, This is Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Reviewed

Wealthy Affiliate reviews reviewed

There where both mixed good and bad reviews for Wealthy Affiliate and I cannot help but wonder why ?. Why were there so many good and bad, and why were the bad… Well………bad?

Firstly we must understand that there will be good and bad reviews for everything, Businesses, Movies, Products, and services, no matter what you are looking up, there will be both good and bad reviews. This is because not everyone has the same values, morals, and opinions and it is impossible to please everybody.

Bad Reviews Explained

Its only natural and we all do it when we can’t do something properly or comfortably, We stop doing it, We get frustrated and angry, lose motivation and inspiration, and most of all, forget why we starting the venture in the first place. In this case its Online Affiliate Marketing

I’m sure if everyone that signed up to Wealthy affiliate made thousands in there the first week by doing stuff all to get it, the reviews would all be glowing and positive, but that’s not the case.

As I searched through different reviews I noticed one huge problem with ” not so much the training ” but the people. People are not persistent or self-motivated enough to push through the hard and frustrating times. This is ultimately why there are so few people succeeding with there online business ventures.

Starting any online business is not as easy as some of these big affiliate gurus make it out to be, but I think people need to realize, If you start an online affiliate marketing business, you will need to stick with it usually for a few months before you will start to see any kind of following, traffic or money, as your website does need to build its identity and show google it has status.

Good Reviews Explainedimages

The reviews I read that were positive for wealthy affiliates varied from people that had made it big and were making a full time living from affiliate marketing, to people that just loved learning and making their way through the wealthy affiliate training program.

All these people have certain traits

  • Self-motivated – Ambitious is one thing, self-motivation is another
  • Vision – They have a vision of their overall outcome or goal. Where they wanted to end up.
  • Inspiration – Keep inspired, Find a mentor or idle, Be inspired to achieve your goals
  • They have the correct training – There is a lot of bad advise around. Get the right training
  • Determination – Not giving up when you get down or disheartened
  • Disciplined – You will need to be strict on yourself, ” Nothing happens thinking about it “
  • TAKE ACTION – This has to be one of the biggest contributing factors in people that are successful. They all take action, why wait? Get up and do it.

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Reviews are all peoples self opinions of what they thought of a particular product or service, The results depend solely on the individual.

The question is, will you be one of the successful few that takes action. Will you be self-motivated and disciplined to follow a routine and push through the hard times, I know all courses are lacking in certain areas and I have been completely honest in my Wealthy Affiliate review, but remember in most cases it is not the courses fault why people are not succeeding, It is them themselves.

If you have any questions or comments please leave below and I will be sure to read and/or get back to you.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It ? – Wealthy Affiliate Review

My Post 89

If I was asked the other day, Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it?. I had to reply, Wealthy Affiliate is very worth it…You can’t put a price on freedom, and through Wealthy Affiliate, this is exactly what they are training you up for…Complete financial freedom and flexibility

Why Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

The Wealthy Affiliate entrepreneur certification module has everything you need to start, launch, and monetize your website.

So Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

Overall I have to say yes. Wealthy Affiliate is worth it, in fact, I do not think you can get better value, I mean its free to join and start.

This is a digital world that we live in and if we can establish a digital base online now, and get a better understanding of how it works, we are better prepared for the future. Working online affiliate marketing can eventually lead to a life of financial freedom and flexibility, and I urge anyone that is interested to give it a try.

Wealthy Affiliate – Sign Up Options

There are two main signup options

1, Free option, No credit card needed and is 100% safe. This membership has limited features but lets you take a good look around to see if you like the program before upgrading to a premium account.

2, Premium account, Once you have signed up with a wealthy affiliate and started to get the feel of what’s going on, you will understand why you will need to upgrade to premium if you want to be a full-time Online affiliate marketer.

===> Click here for full Membership Details <===

You Get Out What You Put In

There are now hundreds, if not thousands of different online affiliate courses around now and to be honest, I think that most of them will work, Most of them have OK training. Most have everything you need to succeed as an online affiliate marketer…except one thing. YOU and your willingness to put in the effort, Focus and persevere when times get frustrating and tough.

If you follow wealthy affiliates training properly and execute the training correctly in your business/ On your website, success will happen. This is Wealthy Affiliates Typical progress chart, if you do as they say and continue to do so continuously.

































Just To Re-Cap Your Dailey Or Weekly Tasks

  • Writing new blogs
  • Communicating with fans/customers/followers
  • Keep all site add on’s and plugins up to date and set correctly
  • Taking constant action and continue to grow your website with blogs and other interesting targeted topics.
  • Updating and adding links in pages on your website.
  • Sharing and interacting on social media platforms,
  • Research and development always need attention
  • Finding more affiliates to advertise and / or write about.


At this point you are well in-truly running a full-time business, You have a steady supply of income and have a great daily, weekly, and monthly planner organized.

once you have done what I would call ” the hard yards ” the rest is now routine. You have written hundreds of posts and trust me. when you have done this much writing, you will be better, faster, and more efficient with everything.

This list will grow to a point of no return and you will, ” if not already ” have outsourced some of the tasks that need to be taken care of.

 So Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

My honest opinion is yes. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely worth it. Ultimately it comes down to the individual to be successful but you will also never know if you never try.

Here is what Wealthy Affiliate is offering you FOR FREE when you join as a free member. No credit cards or documents needed.

Free Membership Includes

  • Getting started with training
  • Video training tutorials
  • Thousands of helpful community members
  • More 13 full, interactive learning classrooms
  • Live help, Morning and night
  • A FREE, Beautifully Designed Website to get you up and running
  • State of the Art Secure and Fast Hosting
  • Access to Industry Experts & Millionaires
  • A strict spam-free environment.
  • Completely FREE to Get Started! (with no catches)

You can achieve huge results through Wealthy Affiliates training program, but ultimately this comes down to yourself as a person, your desire, and determination to make your online business work. We are here to help every step of the way.

If you would like to read my review for Wealthy Affiliate Click Here

If you would like to find out more about Wealthy Affiliate Click Here

If you have any comments or questions please leave below and ill be sure to get back to you when I can.

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020 –

Capture of WA Home page

Overall Rating for Wealthy Affiliates Program

  • Overall Rating 4.7 / 5
  • Value for money 5 / 5
  • Back office usability 4.3 / 5
  • Website Hosting and website templates 5 / 5
  • Communication with help and other members 4 / 5
  • Content taught in videos 4.2 / 5 

Why right this review?

My Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review.

After the years I spent trying to earn money online, Venture after venture, opportunity after opportunity, and although I was making money, I still wasn’t making enough to live off, and the reason for this was simple. I did not know what I was doing properly. Yes, I was getting better and advancing my skills a little, but overall I wasn’t where I wanted to be.

Before I break down the Wealthy Affiliate program for you. I want you to know I have tried my fair share of “Make Money Online” ventures and its important to let people know if there is something wrong with a course, Or if there is something great that should be shared.

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?

My honest, and simple answer to that is no, wealthy affiliate is not a scam. The only variables are solely up to the individual, and how they implement what they are shown and taught.

There is no short road to success. Only determination, focus, and the biggest part of all TAKING ACTION. People start these online ventures thinking they will make it big overnight, or in a few weeks but the reality is, Nothing is like that. You will not make money in a night, but if you put in the effort and keep going, you will see the rewards later on.

Overview Of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is offering you all the necessary tools and necessary training, to start building and grow your own online affiliate business. From day one you can set up your website and start the ball rolling, You will then be taught how to find and add valuable content to your website and start attracting traffic ( People )

We are then shown how to monetize our websites and start earning commissions. Kyle and Carson ( The owners of Wealthy Affiliate ) are insanely good at affiliate marketing and show everyone how to do all of this through their step-by-step video tutorials.

This will ultimately bring you, and/or your family some supplementary or full-time income and hopefully that much closer to a life of financial freedom and flexibility.

What Wealthy Affiliate Teach Us To Do

The Wealthy Affiliate program teaches us the basic foundation of starting a website, right through to monetizing your website, and how to rank in google to direct traffic to where they need to be.

Through the course, you will get to choose a niche and sign up to become an affiliate partner with some of the biggest most respected bands and online/offline stores in the world, including Amazon, Aliexpress, and Alibaba. There are thousands of affiliate programs within the Wealthy Affiliate program

Once you have joined an affiliate program, you will then be able to advertise any of their product or services, If anyone buys any of these products or services, You get paid.

Everything is explained in detail through video tutorials, so it is easy to pause the video while you carry out the task being taught.

Free And Premium Membership Details

  • Free Membership – No credit card needed membership – So beginners get some insight into what’s involved in the platform before potentially moving to premium status. Tools and lessons are limited so I went straight for premium.
  • Premium Membership – Unlocks all of Wealthy Affiliate’s features, and gives you full access to Jaxxy, The Premium membership is $49 per month and in my opinion, is well worth it.
  • Jaxxy – A highly advanced research word tool, used to find high demand, and low competition keywords to write or make content about.
  • Video Training – Step by step video training on how to become a full-time affiliate marketer. In my opinion, some of the videos are outdated and should be updated, This does not affect the outcome but would save a little confusion
  • 15 Years experience – 15 years of experience and knowledge
  • 3000 Themed website templates – No shortage of layouts or styles
  • Website hosting and security – You need a host for your website and you need it to stay monitored, safe and secure
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification – 50 Lessons Affiliate
  • Bootcamp Training – 70 Lessons
  • A huge community – A huge of more than keen to help like-minded affiliates.

===> View full membership plans Here <===

Insights Into The Course

The course starts off with teaching the basic foundations to start running an online affiliate business, This is called the Online Entrepreneur Certification.

During this part of the course you will set up your first website, build your first pages and posts, Index your website with Google Yahoo, and Bing, but more importantly how to write a quality post, blogs or articles, with high search keywords, so you have more chance to get ranked on google’s page 1 and start getting natural organic traffic to your website.

The Online Entrepreneur Certification course

This first part of your training is broken up into 10 parts. I have put links to all the training pages so you can have a look for yourself. This is the foundation of your future freedom and flexibility.

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp666011d23903f611ba7d2263db154d5d

After the online entrepreneur certification course, If you choose to do so you can then start the Affiliate Bootcamp Training. This is a 70 lesson and 7 phase training series, teaching you how to share the wealthy affiliate program, Each segment is broken down into 10 mini-courses, and I will do the same as before and leave the links, so you can see them these lessons for yourself.

This is an amazing affiliate program if you choose to go down this path. At an almost 50% commission rate, every monthly sign-up will bring you closer and closer to your ultimate goal of financial freedom and flexibility.

After this stage, you can carry on learning in the community as well as start any side project websites you may have, as you now have the ability and knowledge to continually grow your online empire.

Overall Pros and Cons

My opinion of Wealthy Affiliate I think will never change. Every program needs a few tweaks here and there.

  • The platforms back office is simple and has everything at a click or two away
  • I love the community, Proactive and full of inspiration
  • Price /  Value for money – This has to be a big part of the review. I have done a few different courses in my online ventures and Wealthy Affiliate’s price for what they offer has to be one of the most competitive I have ever seen.
  • Huge range of website templates ( one free with free membership )
  • A complete and safe way to Get Up And Running As A online Affiliate Marketer

Final words


We can read all the reviews in the world on different online programs and still never take action on them, The Wealthy Affiliate platform has everything in their back office to go from beginner to professional affiliate marketer.

I urge you to TAKE ACTION and start your new beginning. Remember… There is a free membership with a no credit card signup, You have nothing to lose.

If you do want to try affiliate marketing, take action now, and give it a try. This is something that can be done anywhere, anytime and anyone can do it.

Put it this way, If you are not happy with your carrier or job choice, what are you doing that will give you the option to get out of it. This is a no-brainer.

ITS FREE…you have nothing to lose. FREE SIGN UP HERE or if you still need…

===> MORE INFO HERE <===

If you would like to share your experiences with affiliate marketing please leave a comment below as I would love to hear them, Or if you have any questions/comments please fire away and I will do my best to answer you.


Affiliate Marketing Training Course

If you have ever wanted to earn money affiliate marketing then you are going to need to do an affiliate marketing course. The problem is, which affiliate marketing program do we choose ?.

There are now hundreds, if not thousands of affiliate marketing courses and training platforms around, Is there a best one? Do they all include affiliate marketing training? Do you have to find Affiliates to sign up with? Do you get a website? How do you know if you are advertising correctly?

I’m not gonna tell you I have tried all the affiliate marketing platforms out there, but I have tried a few. Before I give you insight into what I think what the best affiliate marketing training course is, Just know that no matter which one you choose, They will all take dedication and commitment to be financially independent of, but it can, and will happen if you just TAKE ACTION.

Any successful entrepreneur will tell you the same thing, You must TAKE ACTION, We can watch video after video on youtube about how to do something, but you will learn it much faster if you do it physically in person.


Affiliate Marketing Training Course

When starting any form of online business, it is essential to understand the basic foundations of what you are about to embark on. This is not a make money overnight kind of thing, so don’t expect it to be, However, Motivation, determination, and focus can bring huge rewards in only a matter of weeks, if trained and taught correctly, and you have implemented and executed the training properly yourself

Video tutorials are a must if you are going to succeed in any online affiliate marketing venture. The fact that 65% of people learn better with visual and spoken videos, rather than just written tutorials, means if you sign up to an Affiliate marketing training course that does not offer video training, you are most likely already on a path to be unsuccessful.

Best Affiliate Marketing Program

Hands down, No other affiliate marketing training program is as complete and fully equipped to get you up and running as Wealthy Affiliate is. From having no eCommerce skills at all to becoming A full time, professional affiliate marketer.

Wealthy Affiliate has over 1.4 million registered accounts made, They have helped thousands of everyday trapped people break free from their ball and chain lives, and teach people how to obtain complete financial freedom and flexibility through affiliate marketing

Wealthy Affiliate’s Membership Plans

There are two types of membership plans at Wealthy Affiliate.

A FREE membership plan Perfect for anyone that just wants to get inside and see what it’s all about. The free membership still offers you a free website and over 20 video training tutorials to get up and running.

A PREMIUM membership plan

The Premium membership – If you already know you are all in and keen to go for it, The premium membership is an absolute bargain for the money, The membership is $49.00 per month, With this, you get everything you need to succeed in online affiliate marketing. Just remember it is up to you at the end of the day to succeed, TAKE ACTION, and get going. You have nothing to lose.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership Plan – What you get – Main points

  • Already has 1.4 million registered members – The proof is in the pudding
  • 15 years In the industry with over 1,800 expert coaches
  • Step by step training library – This is exactly what newbies need.
  • A huge like-minded social community that is always keen to help you out, Remember they were once newbies too. and its motivational to hang around and talk with like-minded people.
  • Almost 6,000,000 products ready for you to sell
  • Jaaxy – You will need this. Jaxxy is the ultimate keyword search tool used to find target keywords to use in your articles and attract more visitors
  • Thousands of Website templates and themes, App plugins, and everything else needed to design, build, and produce high-quality websites.

==> Click here to view a full list of membership features <==

Overall Summary

Either you get involved or you don’t, the choice is ultimately yours. Just know that the people that do TAKE ACTION and stick with it, will be the ones who end up having financial freedom and flexibility.

Trust me I have been there and I know first hand how frustrating it can get, Remember it only gets easier, and there are thousands of wealthy affiliate members more than willing to help you succeed, Including me.

===>TAKE ACTION and I’ll see you on the inside <===

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