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Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It ? – Wealthy Affiliate Review

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If I was asked the other day, Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it?. I had to reply, Wealthy Affiliate is very worth it…You can’t put a price on freedom, and through Wealthy Affiliate, this is exactly what they are training you up for…Complete financial freedom and flexibility

Why Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

The Wealthy Affiliate entrepreneur certification module has everything you need to start, launch, and monetize your website.

So Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

Overall I have to say yes. Wealthy Affiliate is worth it, in fact, I do not think you can get better value, I mean its free to join and start.

This is a digital world that we live in and if we can establish a digital base online now, and get a better understanding of how it works, we are better prepared for the future. Working online affiliate marketing can eventually lead to a life of financial freedom and flexibility, and I urge anyone that is interested to give it a try.

Wealthy Affiliate – Sign Up Options

There are two main signup options

1, Free option, No credit card needed and is 100% safe. This membership has limited features but lets you take a good look around to see if you like the program before upgrading to a premium account.

2, Premium account, Once you have signed up with a wealthy affiliate and started to get the feel of what’s going on, you will understand why you will need to upgrade to premium if you want to be a full-time Online affiliate marketer.

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You Get Out What You Put In

There are now hundreds, if not thousands of different online affiliate courses around now and to be honest, I think that most of them will work, Most of them have OK training. Most have everything you need to succeed as an online affiliate marketer…except one thing. YOU and your willingness to put in the effort, Focus and persevere when times get frustrating and tough.

If you follow wealthy affiliates training properly and execute the training correctly in your business/ On your website, success will happen. This is Wealthy Affiliates Typical progress chart, if you do as they say and continue to do so continuously.




























Just To Re-Cap Your Dailey Or Weekly Tasks

  • Writing new blogs
  • Communicating with fans/customers/followers
  • Keep all site add on’s and plugins up to date and set correctly
  • Taking constant action and continue to grow your website with blogs and other interesting targeted topics.
  • Updating and adding links in pages on your website.
  • Sharing and interacting on social media platforms,
  • Research and development always need attention
  • Finding more affiliates to advertise and / or write about.


At this point you are well in-truly running a full-time business, You have a steady supply of income and have a great daily, weekly, and monthly planner organized.

once you have done what I would call ” the hard yards ” the rest is now routine. You have written hundreds of posts and trust me. when you have done this much writing, you will be better, faster, and more efficient with everything.

This list will grow to a point of no return and you will, ” if not already ” have outsourced some of the tasks that need to be taken care of.

 So Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

My honest opinion is yes. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely worth it. Ultimately it comes down to the individual to be successful but you will also never know if you never try.

Here is what Wealthy Affiliate is offering you FOR FREE when you join as a free member. No credit cards or documents needed.

Free Membership Includes

  • Getting started with training
  • Video training tutorials
  • Thousands of helpful community members
  • More 13 full, interactive learning classrooms
  • Live help, Morning and night
  • A FREE, Beautifully Designed Website to get you up and running
  • State of the Art Secure and Fast Hosting
  • Access to Industry Experts & Millionaires
  • A strict spam-free environment.
  • Completely FREE to Get Started! (with no catches)

You can achieve huge results through Wealthy Affiliates training program, but ultimately this comes down to yourself as a person, your desire, and determination to make your online business work. We are here to help every step of the way.

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If you have any comments or questions please leave below and ill be sure to get back to you when I can.

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