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SEO Dominator Review – Agency Addition

Overall Rating
  • Product Name: SEO Dominator
  • Vendor: Atanas Grkov
  • Price monthly $37.00 
  • Price yearly $229
  • Niche: Software
  • Use: SEO, Keyword Research, Expired Domain Research and Redirects…
  • Video Tutorials: Yes ( Included )

My overall conclusion : The SEO Dominator is a newly designed software system that runs various SEO tools to help increase traffic to your website and vastly improve your Google rankings. This is done through keyword research and redirects. 


What Is SEO Dominator?

The SEO Dominator is an extremely advanced and easy to use, piece of software, that will increase the traffic/sales on your website in just a few simple steps.

The SEO Dominator will help rank your website. For any ” Newbie ” out there…I know how frustrating this can be.

The software finds expired domains that DID AND STILL HAS authority and redirects the traffic to your website.


Expired Domain Research

I must admit, this is a very cool feature to include in the platform. 

the SEO Dominator software allows you to search expired domain names from Google and Bing, but more importantly, search from expired domain databases, this is much faster and more efficient.

The software then…

  • Checks and confirms that they are still expired.
  • Checks domain authority and rank
  • Checks for domains backlinks
  • Automatically sorts these domains out according to your pre-set selectable filters
SEO Dominator Review 1

Keyword Seeker

Keyword research is one of the most important things anyone should be concerning themselves with if they are in the online business.

If you don’t use keyword research, well you should, because this can bring you in a ton load of traffic…Keyword research is a way of identifying your target market so you can attract the right people to your website ( No point sending a vegetarian to a steak house )

Keyword Seeker

Web 2.0 are associated with social media accounts. These accounts can be registered for free and once registers you can redirect traffic to you desired destination.

These are the 8 different social media platforms that SEO Dominator works on…

SEO Dominator

Domain Flipping ( Selling Domains Online )

This advanced software finds valuable domains…domains that people are wanting for themselves. You have endless opportunities for selling domain names on or Godaddy.

SEO Dima

Video Tutorials

Learn how to use the software with simple to follow step by step training tutorials. This makes it easy to learn, pause, and do. “The tutor could be a little more enthusiastic”

How You Benefit From SEO Dominator

The SEO Dominator – Agency Edition is a complete software package that will help ANY online business, and for many reasons.

  • It Improves the rank of your website
  • Helps collect email leads list.
  • You can find pre-existing, expired domains with traffic and rank. These can be redirected for traffic, or sold on domain auction websites – Ether way its a win, win, win
  • Learn how to use the software from easy to follow step by step tutorials
  • Perfect for affiliate marketing
  • Perfect if you are selling your own product
  • Does not matter if you are a newbie or already established online.
  • All eCommerce websites can increase traffic and sales
This is a simple yet highly effective system that is affordable and attainable to anyone interested in starting or growing their online business fast.

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