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How Can I Get Traffic To My Website?

Having a website in today’s digital world is a must for any business, and millions of people from all around the world now have access to simple and easy to use website builders. This is great……..To start with.

The joys of building a website and getting up and running is an exciting experience until you notice as the weeks go by, you are still getting no or few visitors to your website. Very quickly the joys of owning a website turn into a stressful bunch of what is going on.

The answer is usually one of these options
  • Your website sux – This is a fact, if your website is poorly laid out and hard to look at and navigate your way around, no one will want to use it.
  • Nothing of interest – Your website is just a filled up pile of ads. You offer no relevant information to anyone.
  • Not Indexed – It is very possible that if you have just started out, no one will be able to find your website unless you give them the website address directly.
  • Page or website not found – This usually means that there is a problem in the directory part. A broken link or plugins are not working. Your website theme may just need updating. There are a few reasons someone may get a 404-page error on their website.

So how can I Get Traffic To My Website

There are multiple ways someone may go about driving traffic to their website for example…

  • Paid Adverts/PPC
  • Video premotions
  • Blogging and article writing
  • Facebook and other social media platforms
  • Outsourcing someone to drive traffic to your website.

Out of all these examples, there are two things that you need to know before any of these methods will work well.





How you use this information will depend on the type of online business that you are in. I myself am an Affiliate Marketer so I will demonstrate how I would go about finding this information through a business tool I use called Jaaxy

Jaaxy is the ultimate keyword research tool on the market and is set up to find any kind of keywords based around your desired nitch. and in my opinion something EVERY online business should be using.

In order to find this information, you will need a keyword research tool, ( Jaaxy has a free plan ) We then place a keyword into Jaaxy based around our targeted nitch, and Jaaxy will not only show us all the other related searched keywords bassed around our target keyword and how many times these keywords are searched for every month. Jaaxy will also tell us how much competition these keywords have and what our chances are of being ranked on page one of Google search results for that keyword.

With this information, I can now see exactly what my potential customers are searching for.

Example Keyword is – COOKING FOR FAMILIES

Keyword Research

  • The AVG – collum is the number of people on average that are typing into Google that exact keyword.
  • The TRAFFIC – collum indicates the approx amount of visitors we should get if our article ranks to page one of Google
  • The QSR – Quoted Search Result – This is the number of competing websites ranked in Google for that exact keyword
  • The  KQI –  Keyword Quality Indicator, A quick indication if this is a good choice of a keyword to use.
  • SEO – This is A score based on traffic and competition. The closer to 100 the better your chances are of landing on page one of Google.
  • Domains – This will show you which keywords are still available to buy the domain name to.

Overall this information has given me everything I need to know, How many people are searching for what, This is also a quick indicator of who we are marketing to. The kind of words they are using and what they are searching for.

We can also use these keywords to narrow down PPC adverts and only advertise to people looking up these keywords. This is really starting to narrow down our target audience. You can use your Facebook ads manager to further narrow down your audience demographics.

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Using Your Infomation From Jaaxy

This information can be used to help all sorts of advertising and the more you practice the better you get, This is the best way to get FREE TRAFFIC to your website. Fill your site up with helpful information on subjects you already know your customers are engaging with.

The last thing anybody wants is to go to a website and be slammed with a bunch of keyword slargon. Keywords should be used naturally in sentences and not forcefully added to your posts or blogs. If you overuse a keyword and add them to every sentence or paragraph Google may well view that article as spam.

Suggested Places To Have Keywords

  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • The first or second paragraph
  • Last paragraph in your post/blog
  • Alt picture text ( If applicable )
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Further Help

When I think back to when I first started affiliate marketing and working online I had all the same problems. Not enough traffic, No sales, No comments or questions, Even just building the website was a daunting task.

Everything changed for me the day I started my training with Wealthy Affiliate. It’s not that I was doing everything wrong, I was just not being specific enough to really narrow down and target my audience. Since Wealthy Affiliate, I have had nothing but increased traffic to my website and the training Wealthy Affiliate has given me is somewhat priceless.

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If you are needing training or further knowledge on websites and Affiliate Marketing please do check out Wealthy Affiliate. They offer a FREE – NO RISK – NO CREDIT CARD MEMBERSHIP and this will give you a good insight of how to build and run an online business from scratch and how to explode your website into a passive income business so you can start living your life with more financial freedom and flexibility.

As always any comments or questions please leave bellow =)

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