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Help I Lost My Job – What To Do Now

Help I lost my job

This is something that most people in their lives will go through. Loosing or getting fired from your job can be one of the most stressful times in your life. We all have rent, power, food, insurances to be paying. Help I lost my job!

Famous words from my old man ” Where One Door Closes, Another Door Opens “

I worked in the concrete industry for about 14 years and the last 5 – 6 of them were hell, I was over getting up at 3 or 4 am, I was over not knowing what time I would be home or if we would even get home for the night. I was over-working in all weather conditions and I was over-working long crazy hours. There must be a better way to live.

Unfortunately, throughout these 14 years, I had suffered 3 disc prolapses in my spine, and a few dehydrated discs, returning to concrete work with the way my spine was then would be a stupid idea that would only put myself and my family at risk again. So what do I do now?

So What Did I Do?

I remembered that saying my old man told me, I remember talking to him about 6 years before my last prolapse, and he asked, If I lost my job tomorrow, the one you hate so much, what would I do? I replied, get another job I guess.

Was it really that simple?

The answer is yes, yes it is. You see I hated my job for the bulk of it, but the money was good, and the ” I know what I’m doing here and it’s easy ” got in the way of me leaving. This was my comfort zone.

Unfortunately, my comfort zone was winning over my desire to be happy. My comfort zone was stopping my family from progressing, Stopping us from getting ahead, and setting ourselves up for the future.

I knew what needed to be done. I had to find a new carrier and I had to take action into my own hands. The hardest part for me was accepting that I could no longer do what I was trained to do and that I had to learn a whole different set of employment skills.

So…That’s what I did.

The Outcome

many years ago now after my first disc prolapse, I remember being bored at home, Stuck on the couch for the first month or two of it. The boredom was killing me and I was not into computers or TV at all, but what else can one do when in this situation.

Around this time I had a friend that was talking about domain names and more specifically one that he had just sold. I started researching and looking up what all this online stuff was about. This was the start of my new future. I just didn’t know it yet.

Over the next year with physio and shit load of meds, I had a good understanding of what people were doing online and how they were making money doing it. My new found passion for working online grew over the up and coming years.

During the years I still worked fulltime as a concreter, I had still been trying different online ventures and had made some money with Shopify stores and a few other online opportunities but Just never made enough to live off. However, this did indicate that it was possible to make money online and that I could actually do it.

After my third prolapse, and knowing I could not go back to my previous employment, I made the decision…I was going to work online fulltime.

The Big Turning Point

After a bit more research and going through some old emails I came across a company named Wealthy Affiliate which I remember signing up with years ago but had completely forgotten about

Wealthy Affiliate is an online Affiliate Marketing company that teaches anyone how to start an online business and how to earn a living from doing it.

You see I had the self-motivation, I had a computer, and I had some experience in working online, but this was ultimately not enough to succeed. I needed training and I needed to be trained correctly. This is where Wealthy Affiliate comes in.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate in some ways was my saving grace. For me, they structured my online business and set me on a plan that would only bring success. Wealthy Affiliate taught me all the skills to do affiliate marketing and more importantly how to do everything correctly.

Wealthy Affiliate offered a free membership plan that would get me into there program to see what it was all about and at no risk to myself. They did not ask for my credit card number either which I did like. you can read my full Wealthy Affiliate review here if you would like.

The biggest thing anyone can ask for is complete financial freedom and flexibility, and this is exactly what Wealthy Affiliate is there to help you do. I cannot express the importance of being trained correctly as an affiliate marketer. If you are not. You are most likely set up for failure.

Benefits Of Working Online

I have never looked back, My old concrete days are gone and the financial freedom and flexibility that came with it, is unexplainable.

Some of the pros of working online

  • Spend more time with family and friends
  • I don’t need to be up at all hours of the morning/night to make a living
  • The passive income is great and will only grow bigger
  • Work when I want to work  ( More or less )
  • Huge helpful network
  • I am actually building a huge online business of my own that I can pass on to my family or friends
  • I am now helping others find their financial freedom and flexibility
  • It’s nice to prove people wrong – There are a lot of people still that don’t think it is possible to have this life. I’m telling you that it is

I’m not a rich millionaire that’s raking in thousands of dollars a week, but I do make a pretty good living working online and it beats working for someone else your whole life only to get nothing out of it in the end. however, there were some cons.

Cons of working online

  • It can take a good 3 – 6 months of consistent action, to actually start to see any returns at all. This is the number one reason people fail to make their online business successful. They Quit Before it begins.

Final words Of Wisdom

If you have lost your job and don’t know what to do or where to go, Wealthy Affiliate offers a free membership plan that is no risk and lets you take a look at what we do and how the course is structured.

This type of work is not for everyone…I understand that. But people do need help to get out of there current situations but they just don’t know how to go about getting it. There is a better way to live life and It all starts by taking action.


I would also like to point out that if you do need to work a physical like I once did, You can still set all this up and work at it part-time. Even if it meant working part-time at this for 3 or 5 years if that would ultimately bring you and/or your family a life of financial freedom and flexibility, would it not be worth it?

Good luck and I will hopefully see you inside of Wealthy Affiliate, at the start of your new journey. FREE SIGN UP with no credit card and no risk. Take action and take control of your own life.

As always please do leave a comment or question below and ill do my best to get back to ya 🙂

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