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Work From Home In New Zealand – The #1 Job In 2021

I was once a slave to the system, It had its good moments, and it had its bad…but overall, no one wants to be working for someone else all their lives, never getting any further ahead than the next weeks pay check…

My name is Luke, and after 14 years placing and finishing concrete for a living, I now work from home in New Zealand, for myself, and I would not swap this lifestyle for any other…a lifestyle with more financial freedom and flexibility than ever before.

 >>> I am On A Mission To Help As Many People As I Can Build Passive Incomes Online  <<<

Working From Home In New Zealand

The ability to work from home anywhere in the world, yet alone work from home in New Zealand is priceless. I am so grateful to be born in NZ and I know many do not have the freedom to enjoy their surroundings, usually because you are working all the time just to survive.

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It was only after an injury at work, through boredom at home during recovery I stumbled across an online affiliate marketing training university that taught people how to make money online.

Over the next few months I started building my online business and in month 3 I started getting sales…I couldn’t believe it…I could see huge potential.

By month 8 I was starting to see some real results…almost enough to call a wage, and by month 10 was getting some good pay outs…This was inspiration to keep going. 

Complete financial freedom and flexibility is within my reach…These figures are not massive, but the money is starting to flow…On auto pilot. Now to just grow my business bigger and better.

The feeling of working my own hours, on my own time schedule, and to know that my efforts are continuously working for me bringing in income, is a feeling of success. I am not even 1 year into it ( At the time of this post ) and I can see that in the next 3 – 5 years exactly where I am going.

I spent 14 years busting my body to build someone else’s dream…not mine.

What Kind Of Work Is It?

The type of work I do online is called Affiliate Marketing.

To put it simply, I advertise products and services online that I don’t own, and if someone buys a product or service…I get paid a commission for doing so.

First Class Affiliate

Who Is This Job For?

This job opportunity is for anyone of any age. Anyone can learn the process of affiliate marketing and the actual process overall in not hard…it just takes time and practice.

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing

There is only one place I will recommend to learn affiliate marketing, and that place is called the Wealthy Affiliate University.

The Wealthy Affiliate University is equipped with everything you need to start to build and grow your own affiliate marketing business.

Everything is taught through easy-to-follow step-by-step training video tutorials, and they offer a free starter membership to anyone interested in just finding out more.

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing

  1. Sign Up With Wealthy Affiliate
  2. Work Your Way Through The Training
  3. Make Money While You Learn
  4. Grow Your Business

How Much Does It Cost?

There are many reasons why affiliate marketing is the number one online business opportunity…You can start the training with Wealthy Affiliates free starter membership and if you want to continue…you can upgrade to the premium membership which is 12.50 USD a week.

Running a whole business for 12.50 USD a week is just unheard of. I wrote a blog about this…“3 Pies A Week Or An Online Business” 

You can make money with the free starter membership, and you also get a free website, hosting and security, but you are limited to training, and limited to tools.

The premium membership unlocks all the training, and tools to get you fully trained up, and to help fast forward your success. The value is unbeatable. 

>>>  View Full Membership Plans Here  <<<

I can only urge you to take action and give affiliate marketing a go. 

I know computers aren’t for everybody, but if you just gave it a go, you might be surprised. 

The way I see it, So many people hate what they are doing for a living anyway, and they are still not building a future with more freedom. 

Get out of the ball and chain rat race and start building passive income streams online.

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