To start with…I am not exaggerating… I run my whole online business for $12.50 USD per week, and this is all anyone needs to to run an online business that will make money.

This $12.50 a week is the same as buying on average 3 pies…

$12.50 / 3 Pie’s = $4.16 Each pie.

3 pies a week

Now I do realize some people do not eat, or even know what pies are but for me, pies are…lets just say a normal part of my diet, and smashing back a couple of pies here and there is almost a daily tradition…

Right…less pie’s…More business

The Ruthless Truth

People hate hearing it… and I know you’ve all heard it before…STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY! and for obvious reasons. No-one wants to be “just scraping by” 

So why are so many people just…scraping by? 

For the majority of people money is filtered out of their accounts on a daily basses for things like…

  • Pies ( Hahaha ) and or other hot fast foods for that quick easy hunger fix.
  • Caffe and/or take away Coffee’s on average about $4.50 each
  • Take away dinners, Fast food
  • Unnecessary driving and wastage of gas
  • Buying the more expensive brands of food products just because ” Its a flash brand “
  • Drinking/Smoking and/or Gambling
  • Unnecessary buying of merchandise – Impulse buys
depending on your circumstances doing ANY of these things on a daily bases can have a huge impact on your overall state of wellbeing, financially and physically.
The ruthless truth

To show you what I mean…If someone buys on average 1 pie every second day, 1 take out coffee 5 days a week ( 1 per day ) and 2 fast food dinners per week at $15 each, just this alone is…

  • 4 x pies at $4.16 each = $16.64
  • 5 x coffee’s at $4.50 each = $22.50
  • 2 x Fast food dinners = $30
  • Total =$69.14
This is just a basic example of how all these small things can add up to good amounts of money…Now if I start adding up the other things like wastage of gas and fuel, Smoking or drinking etc… buying the ” Nicest brands ” can start to add up to quite a considerable amount.

Building An Online Business For $12.50 Per Week

When I first started working online I had no idea what I was really getting into, and I have learned so much in my years of experience but overall I wish I knew then what I know now.

Along my travels I came across an online training university named Wealthy Affiliate. The Wealthy Affiliate University is an online platform that teaches ANYONE how to Affiliate Market online, and start building passive income streams.

They offered a free membership that included a free website, Hosting and security, so I signed up and made my account.

After about 1 month of training and studying part time I had decided to upgrade to the premium membership. This was $49.00 per month ( $12.25 per week ) as the free membership was limited to not just the training videos but also a keyword research tool called Jaaxy. This tool is crucial in getting traffic to your website and more importantly…targeted traffic to your website.

To start with I had restrained from the upgrade as I was still in ” WHATTTT 50 bucks a month ” state of mind…

Then It struck me, If I could just stop eating 3 pies a week…I can go premium and have all the training vids, unlimited searches with the Jaxxy keyword research tool, and continue to grow my online business and start making passive online income.

My Success

The number one reason fail to make oney online is because of quiting too early. People do not get instant results for their actions and therefor dont see why they are doing it.

This is not a get rich quick opportunity but an opportunity to set yourself up for the future, with online passive income streams. 

My Success

2 months after going Premium I had my first sale, and in month 8 I was getting some decent money from Digistore24. This $543.44 was earned in just 3 days from PPC ( Pay Per Click ) advertising.

I am doing this part time, and I am hardly computer literate, But I manage. I am now aiming for a $1000 day/night. This is very achievable and I cannot wait to get there.

My last message to you…

Take action…Start making money online now…Dont be a slave to the system and start building your financial freedom and flexibility.

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