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3 Pies A Week Or An Online Business

What would you prefer…3 pies a week or an online business? I am not exaggerating… I run my whole online business for $12.50 USD per week, and this is all anyone needs to to run an online business that will make money.

This $12.50 a week is the same as buying on average 3 pies…

$12.50 / 3 Pie’s = $4.16 Each pie.


Now I do realize some people do not eat, or even know what pies are but for me, pies are…lets just say a normal part of my diet, and smashing back a couple of pies here and there is almost a daily tradition…

Right…less pie’s…More business!

The Ruthless Truth

People hate hearing it… and I know you’ve all heard it before…STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY! and for obvious reasons. No-one wants to be “just scraping by” 

So why are so many people just…scraping by? 

For the majority of people money is filtered out of their accounts on a daily basses for things like…

  • Pies ( Hahaha ) and or other hot fast foods for that quick easy hunger fix.
  • Caffe and/or take away Coffee’s on average about $4.50 each
  • Take away dinners, Fast food
  • Unnecessary driving and wastage of gas
  • Buying the more expensive brands of food products just because ” Its a flash brand “
  • Drinking/Smoking and/or Gambling
  • Unnecessary buying of merchandise – Impulse buys
depending on your circumstances doing ANY of these things on a daily basis can have a huge impact on your overall state of wellbeing, financially and physically, and the overall outcome for this many years down the track can be devastating.
woman at desk fingers on bridge of nose 768
woman at desk fingers on bridge of nose 768

To show you what I mean…If someone buys on average 1-2 pies per day.. say 8 pies per week, 1 take out coffee 5 days a week and 2 fast food dinners per week at $15 each, just this alone is…

  • 8 x pies at $4.16 each = $33.28
  • 5 x coffee’s at $4.50 each = $22.50
  • 2 x Fast food dinners = $30
  • Total =$85.78 Per Week

This is just a basic example of how all these small things can add up to good amounts of money…Now if I start adding up the other things like wastage of fuel, Smoking or drinking etc… buying the ” Nicest brands ” can start to add up to quite a considerable amount.

Imagine a couple doing this on a daily basis… just for the fun of it ill work it out

  • 16 pies per week = $66.56
  • 10 take out coffees = $45
  • 4 fast food dinners = 60
  • Total = $171.56 Per week
  • $686.24 per month
  • $8,234.88 per year
Now I don’t want to here anyone say they cannot afford to start and run a business, just sacrifice 3 pies a week and you can run your own online business that will start bringing in passive daily income.

Building An Online Business For $12.50 Per Week

When I first started working online I had no idea what I was really getting into, and I have learned so much in my years of experience but overall I wish I knew then what I know now.

Along my travels I came across an online training university named Wealthy Affiliate. The Wealthy Affiliate University is an online platform that teaches ANYONE how to Affiliate Market online, and start building passive income streams.

They offered a free membership that included a free website, Hosting and security, so I signed up and made my account.

After about 1 month of training and studying part time I had decided to upgrade to the premium membership. This was $49.00 per month ( $12.25 per week ) as the free membership was limited to not just the training videos but also a keyword research tool called Jaaxy. This tool is crucial in getting traffic to your website and more importantly…targeted traffic to your website.

To start with I had restrained from the upgrade as I was still in ” WHATTTT 50 bucks a month ” state of mind…

Then It struck me, If I could just stop eating 3 pies a week…I can go premium and have all the training vids, unlimited searches with the Jaxxy keyword research tool, and continue to grow my online business and start making passive online income.

My Success

The number one reason people fail to make money online is because they quit too early. People do not get instant results for their actions and therefor give up and lose focus of why they started an online business to start with.

Affiliate Marketing is not a get rich quick opportunity, but an opportunity to set yourself up for the future, with online passive income streams. 

Building an online business that will bring financial freedom and flexibility will most likely take 3 – 5 years, but this is still better than working the next 20, 30 or 40 years in a dead end job that you hate, or are not happy in.

Made so far.

2 months after going Premium I had my first sale, and in month 8 I was getting some decent money from Digistore24. This $543.44 was earned in just 3 days from PPC ( Pay Per Click ) advertising.

I am doing this part time, and I am hardly computer literate, but I manage. I am now aiming for a $1000 day/night. This is very achievable and I cannot wait to get there.

My last message to you…

Take action…Start making money online now…Don’t be a slave to the system and start building your financial freedom and flexibility.

13 thoughts on “3 Pies A Week Or An Online Business”

  1. I Love the Pie Story and how you made great points and used simple examples to do so …. and now I want pie too.  LOL  As far as Wealthy Affiliate.  I signed up a few months ago and I can say – I agree it is a great wealth of information for the investment and I do plan on staying and upgrading and continuing on with the training offered.  I give Wealthy Affiliate a thumbs up.  Thank You


    1. Hi I like what you are saying. You know the old saying, “Search and ye shall find”. So many people say they want to be successful but very few search. They choose to maintain their bad habits by spending money on cigarettes and other habitual things. I understand exactly what you are saying and where you are coming from. I searched and paid for all kinds of things to make me successful. With plenty of failures. I will not give up. Now I am with WA still seeking and hoping. You continue with your dreams and one day you will be where you want to be. Thank you

      1. Hey thanks for the comment Carrie, Yes I work online affiliate marketing and I would not want to swap this lifestyle for any other. Oh yes, the number one reason people fail to make any money online is that they give up way too fast. JUST KEEP GOING…we get better a what we practice.
        Positive thinking. focus and dedication…

        Thanks again. best wishes with your journey online…feel free to message if you need help at all, I am more than happy to help if I can.

  2. I like your sense of humour and it goes to show that it really costs quite a low amount just to start an online business! It really is worth the investment and you will be gaining incredible skills, knowledge and building for your future. You certainly need to give it time and patience is key.

    1. Time and patience are everything….oh and a lot of work lol but compared to what I used to do for a living ( concrete placing) this is easy work, just more using brain not muscle, and fewer pies hahaha.

      Cheers for your comment.

  3. Since I love pie so much, I am very tempted to say three pies per week ha ha! Just kidding! Even though I love pie more than anything else, I think a business is ideal for anyone out there! As long as they are able to handle the stress and work that goes with it. Thank you so much for this very interesting article, it has been valuable

  4. Congratulations on your success. I am new to wealthy affiliate, only been there about a month. The training I have received is well worth the money I have spent so far. My website is filling out nicely, and I’m looking forward to the future. You are right, the main reason people are not successful is because they put their time, money and energy into things that will not deliver long term success. Wealthy affiliate I believe is a system that will work. 

  5. haha, I love this article and I definitely want a piece of the pie too. I have joined WA about a month ago and the first thing that I can say is that the training is fantastic. Another aspect that has really impressed me is the pay-it-forward community is always there to assist and offer advice. Glad that I joined, hoping to reap the rewards soon. Take care

    1. Haha great to hear you enjoyed the article, I have been with WA for almost 11 months, and I am seeing some good money coming in now, It didn’t really start until month 3. The biggest advice I can give anyone just starting out affiliate marketing is to just keep going and be patient…It will happen,

      Cheers for your comment.

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