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Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Reviewed

After researching many different Wealthy Affiliate reviews and knowing what I know now, being a Wealthy Affiliate member, I thought it was only fair I explain to you exactly what it is that I found, This is Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Reviewed

Wealthy Affiliate reviews reviewed

There where both mixed good and bad reviews for Wealthy Affiliate and I cannot help but wonder why ?. Why were there so many good and bad, and why were the bad… Well………bad?

Firstly we must understand that there will be good and bad reviews for everything, Businesses, Movies, Products, and services, no matter what you are looking up, there will be both good and bad reviews. This is because not everyone has the same values, morals, and opinions and it is impossible to please everybody.

Bad Reviews Explained

Its only natural and we all do it when we can’t do something properly or comfortably, We stop doing it, We get frustrated and angry, lose motivation and inspiration, and most of all, forget why we starting the venture in the first place. In this case its Online Affiliate Marketing

I’m sure if everyone that signed up to Wealthy affiliate made thousands in there the first week by doing stuff all to get it, the reviews would all be glowing and positive, but that’s not the case.

As I searched through different reviews I noticed one huge problem with ” not so much the training ” but the people. People are not persistent or self-motivated enough to push through the hard and frustrating times. This is ultimately why there are so few people succeeding with there online business ventures.

Starting any online business is not as easy as some of these big affiliate gurus make it out to be, but I think people need to realize, If you start an online affiliate marketing business, you will need to stick with it usually for a few months before you will start to see any kind of following, traffic or money, as your website does need to build its identity and show google it has status.

Good Reviews Explained

The reviews I read that were positive for wealthy affiliates varied from people that had made it big and were making a full time living from affiliate marketing, to people that just loved learning and making their way through the wealthy affiliate training program.

All these people have certain traits

  • Self-motivated – Ambitious is one thing, self-motivation is another
  • Vision – They have a vision of their overall outcome or goal. Where they wanted to end up.
  • Inspiration – Keep inspired, Find a mentor or idle, Be inspired to achieve your goals
  • They have the correct training – There is a lot of bad advise around. Get the right training
  • Determination – Not giving up when you get down or disheartened
  • Disciplined – You will need to be strict on yourself, ” Nothing happens thinking about it “
  • TAKE ACTION – This has to be one of the biggest contributing factors in people that are successful. They all take action, why wait? Get up and do it.

The outcome

Reviews are all peoples self opinions of what they thought of a particular product or service, The results depend solely on the individual.

The question is, will you be one of the successful few that takes action. Will you be self-motivated and disciplined to follow a routine and push through the hard times, I know all courses are lacking in certain areas and I have been completely honest in my Wealthy Affiliate review, but remember in most cases it is not the courses fault why people are not succeeding, It is them themselves.

If you have any questions or comments please leave below and I will be sure to read and/or get back to you.

9 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Reviewed”

  1. Thanks for the write-up, and it’s very true. Reviews are subjective in that way, and sometimes unfairly so. Some aren’t willing to put in the time and effort required to set up ANY business, thinking that an online business is some automatic money machine – something perpetuated by so many trying to sell training programs and the like. There is no free lunch.

    Unfortunately, we live in the “instant gratification” society, where too many think that simply plopping down a monthly check for X training entitles them to success. This is the main reason why so many online businesses fail before they even have a chance, as they aren’t given the proper attention to make them grow. It takes consistent work and patience.

    Glad to see someone pointing this out. Not all reviews reflect the reality most of us live in.


  2. Lol. I love this very simple direct approach to a review. The reviews reviewed. That is an ingenious and rather catchy title. The content also didn’t fail to deliver highlighting a rather obvious fact that we don’t consider a lot. The character or personalities of the individuals who write reviews. A lot can be deduced from a review and you pointed them out here rather simply and clearly. This is a wonderful article. Kudos.

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  4. the truth remains that every ones opinion cannot be the same and even when there are good reviews, you will still have bad ones. i have had a great time with wealthy affiliate and it is very rare for you to see a platform that has grown so much to have a very quick response as they do.

  5. i must hand it to you for creating such a superb article. the details are very clear and explicit.

    wealthy affiliate has changed the lives of so many individuals and to a great extent have impacted my life. i had no experience before joining wealthy affiliate but a step by step training procedures helped me get started and become good

    1. Hey and thank you, you are most welcome. The course is great for all levels of online abilities and anyone can do it. 

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