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Take Action Or Suffer In Silence 2021

Straight to the point…You can either make take action or suffer in silence. I am so sick and tired of hearing it…People sick of their jobs… Wages are not big enough… I don’t have enough time…I don’t have enough money…IF YOU WANT SOMETHING…GRAB IT BY THE HORNS AND GET IT!

Your Situation won’t Change Unless You Make It. Opportunities are out there, take action and get them.  >>>  Learn To Make Money Online <<<

I have not always had this frame of mind – “Grab it by the horns” I once worked physical labor intensive jobs, all hours of the nights and mornings…I know I hated allot of it. The money was ok, but the hours were demanding, the work was very physical and played its toll on my health, but I still put up with it.

The ability to better ourselves is something that we all take for granted, and somehow over many years, bad habits set in place and people lock themselves into a comfort zone of routine, they feel they cannot get out of.

Nothing will change unless we take action – take action or suffer in silence.

In One Year - Accomplishments

In the space of one year I have had a complete change of carrier path, Our family has relocated to the good end of the South Island to a place named Golden Bay, and we could not be happier…of course for this to happen we had to get all our ducks in a row, but the most important thing was to TAKE ACTION AND ACTUALLY DO IT.

After an injury at work and not being able to return, stress was building and the pressures of money and job issues were about to arise, For now it was ok…I was on ACC while in recovery…but this was not going to be the case forever.

Some may call this drastic…but I listed my house on Facebook and had it conditional within a week, and had it sold within the month…We rented the same house from the new owner until we wanted to move. I did this for a few reasons. It gave me breathing room financially, and gave us options as we were no longer bound by job and mortgage to stay.

In One Year…

  • Lost Job Due To Injury
  • Started My Rehabilitation Plan
  • Sold House & Started Renting
  • Opened A Long Term Deposit Account
  • Started New Carrier – Online Affiliate Marketing
  • Bought New Home In Golden Bay
  • Relocated To Golden Bay
  • Partner Found Job Before We Moved Up ( Perfect )
  • Both Our Two Boys Were Booked Into New School
Relocating the last 20 years of our lives into a shipping container and moving out was a huge step for both I, my partner and children’s, but we are all so much happier up here.
  • My online affiliate marketing business is well under way and making money.
  • My partner only works 3 days a week
  • Our kids love there new schools.
  • Our location is 1000000x better and nicer for almost every reason
  • Most importantly…Our Family Is Happier, less stressed and we have way more time on our hands to spend doing what makes us happy.


Right....Lets Make More Money

I know money cannot buy happiness, but it can go a long way in helping, and the only reason I live with more financial freedom and flexibility now is because once again I took action.

If you want to make more money and start living a life with more financial freedom and flexibility, I strongly suggest to take action and just give working online affiliate marketing a try.

Reasons to give affiliate marketing a try…

  • Any Passion or interest Can Make Money
  • You don’t need any prior experience
  • You don’t need any of your own products
  • You only need a computer and internet
  • You can do this anytime and from anywhere in the world
  • Its free to start and if you go “Premium” it’s only $12.50 a week to run the whole business
  • You can work at your own pace
  • Everything is taught through step by step training video tutorials
  • 24/7 live help
  • Unlimited earnings potential

I would like to introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online training university that teaches anyone the skills needed to start making money online through affiliate marketing. 

They offer a FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP for any sceptics out there that want to test the system before committing and going Premium.

For those of you who do not know what affiliate marketing is…It is simply advertising products or services online that we do not physically own or touch, and if we sell these products or services, we receive a commission. 

we do this through advertising methods online. This really is the perfect business opportunity, and I highly recommend it anyone to check it out.

Anyway…enough babble. get active…TAKE ACTION and if you want to build a life of financial freedom and flexibility…GET ONLINE AND START BUILDING PASSIVE INCOME.


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