7 Things To Know Before Starting Affiliate Marketing

7 Things To Know Before Starting Affiliate Marketing

If you are looking into affiliate marketing online I can assure you if you stick with it and practice, there is no limit to what you can achieve and what is possible, here are 7 things to know before starting affiliate marketing.

7 Things To Know Before Starting Affiliate Marketing

1, The opportunities are endless. 

There is absolutely no limit to what is possible with affiliate marketing. By the year 2022, it is estimated that USA alone will spend 8.2 billion in affiliate marketing, this is 3 times what it was 10 years ago. Search interest for affiliate marketing has gone up by 200% since 2015, this is huge and shows how much of an opportunity this is for people to break out of there ball and chain lifestyle.

85% of shoppers online will Google what they are after before buying…this brings the perfect opportunity for blogs and other information content.

2, Not all content is the same.

High-quality content is worth more to people, and Google, than blogs that are to board or have lots of “Not so good” information. Remember the lower value of your content, the fewer conversions you will get. 1 high-quality blog is better than 10 general blogs

3, Traffic dictates your success. 

On average to be a 6 figure earner you need to be getting 10s of thousands of people per day to your website, blogs, sales pages, and funnels, etc. The best way to do this is through creating great content that ranks well and gives people the information that they are after. Focus on building an audience first

4, Practice your call to action.

This can be applied to blogs, videos, or any other form of content, but overall don’t be too sales pitchy.  The idea is to get your sales pitch and links incorporated in your blogs or videos, without ramming your products down the viewer’s throat. Once again better content will win over general or “All about selling the product” blogs or videos.

5, Don’t go too far out of your niche. 

This is a mistake made by many newbies. The more micro niche the better, and the more information you have based around your niche the better. For example, you don’t want a blog to have 20 links in it, all going to different products and services, instead offer quality content and have on average no more than 5 links per blog or video.

6, Slash the number of affiliates you work with. 

Keeping niche-targeted is super important. I made this mistake when I first started working online. You can have all the products in the world but if you cannot sell them, then you have a problem. Personally, I use ClickBank and Digistore24 and then use only a select few products within my niche. This helps stay organized and less spread out.


7, Don’t be fooled into get rich quick rubbish

yes once you get good at what you are doing, the bigger pay checks start coming in.

There is a bit to learn when first starting out and many people will give up before even getting established…this is because it can take 3 to 6 months for Google to start looking at your website with authority.

The kind of content you create needs to be unique to you, meaning you will get penalized for copying other material. Make sure you reword any information you want to re-use.

There are many different social media platforms you can share your article/link on and take advantage of.. Anywhere you can post a link can potentially get leads and/or sales.

There You Have It!

There you have it, 7 things to know before starting affiliate marketing. I hope this has helped in any way at all, and just like always please do leave a comment below and I will be sure to read and/or reply.

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