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Vision Boards – Vision Board Examples

Vision Board Example

Many people don’t realize how much vision boards can help. Let me ask you this…How many times have you had a great idea, but never followed through with getting what it is you wanted?

Whether it’s a new car or an overseas vacation, Breaking a bad habit or just trying something new

The importance of having a vision board can sometimes be the difference between reaching your goals/dreams, as not having a constant reminder of what it is you are after can very quickly get covered up with other life events and situations

For example…If a friend comes over and shows you a pamphlet he found on your driveway for a holiday somewhere awesome, You talk about it and both agree to start saving and in 6 months you can go on the holiday

Over the next month or two life goes on as normal and the friends catch up, They talk about the holiday and both agree they have been slack on the savings as both are still going out and spending their money, but if they go for it…they will still have enough

The holiday is now one month away and none of them have savings for the holiday, The both agree it is now to late and the holiday is never spoken about again


OUT OF SIGHT…OUT OF MIND…This is why vision boards are so valuable

It really is that simple…

If both people had that pamphlet and pinned it on the bathroom mirror, Printed copies and stuck them on everything and anything, they would be reminded of there awesome holiday every single day, reinforce the fact that they need to save, and there reward for doing so.

A vision board brings clarity, focus and visually enforces your purpose for the day ( In this example saving for a holiday ) Why you are doing what you are doing, and the reward for doing what you are doing, at the end of it.

What Are Vision Boards?

A vision board is a visual way of displaying your goals/wants/needs

Vision boards can be displayed in all types of styles and each and every vision board is unique to each individual.

They are used as inspiration and a constant reminder of what it is you are working towards.

  • A vision board is any kind of visual display of pictures and/or writing that remids us of our goals/dreams/tasks and to inspire us to stick with a plan of attack to obtain them
  • You can use text and images
  • Images don’t need to be an exact symbol of what you want, it is what they symbolize for you and what that picture represents.
  • You can make them out of all sorts, Digital or scrapbook styled. 
  • You can always add to your vision board
  • Vision boards can be any shape and size

Vision Board Examples

A collection of photos

Sixty and Me How to Make a Vision Board Work

Simple and Easy & has a main message

2020 Vision Board

An easy to see every morning vision board made from simple pictures, Photos


Just Text & Smiley face

images 9

Wesley Virgin...Visualizing YOUR DREAMS

The man himself – Wesley The Billion Dollar Virgin telling us how it has helped him achieve his goals and dreams. Wesley has now launched his own Done For You Services Program which is a program to inspire and teach others how to affiliate market online and live a life with complete financial freedom and flexibility.

Questions To Ask When Making A Vision Board

  • What would make you happy?
  • How long do you think it will take to accomplish them?
  • What your images represent?
  • What your priorities are now and for the future?
  • Where you are going to put your vision board?
  • How you are going to make your vision board?
  • Working out a budget
  • working on a plan to get these goals/dreams accomplished

How To Make A Vision Board

There are loads of ways to go about making a vision board and I will name the most common ways in which people go about making a vision board.

 Remember they are not always just images and the more places you put them the more your goals and dreams will subconsciously be imprinted in your brain and you will be on a one way road to success.

  1. Write out a list of goals /dreams that you would like to accomplish, both soon and far away goals are good
  2. Collect images from books, Magazines, Photo’s etc that you can relate these goals/dreams too
  3. Make a collage out of these pictures/photo’s etc –  Tri-Fold poster boards are a good start if you do not have anything. Use tape or glue to stick your images on
  4. Place your vision board somewhere you will be sure to see it DAILY
how to create use a vision board 101
How To Create Your Own Vision Board By Bumble and Bustle Full Image Featured


There are a few tip to making your vision board more powerful and meaningful…

  • Add text to you vision board, Positive and encouraging words that inspire
  •  Do not remove goals that are accomplished. Put a star on the ones you have achieved. This tells you visually and consciously that you are winning
  • Add more to your vision board as you like. This will keep things exciting and fresh
  • Remember small goals are great to
  • Post it notes – Little reminders around the home, car, office can go a long way. A note above the kitchen sink saying  “LOOK AT YOUR VISION BOARD” or “Friday Is Rubbish Day”  Chances are you will remember rubbish day 
  • Do be shy to tell people, Family and/or friends. This again verbally reinforces what it is you are doing or aiming towards.

Have Fun With Your Vision Board

Well, I hope this has encouraged you or inspired you in any way to make your own vision board and start ticking off some of them things in your bucket list.

As always any comments/questions, please do leave below and I will be sure to read and or/reply

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