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How Do I Sell Products Quickly In Affiliate Marketing

Learning how to sell products quickly in affiliate marketing is just like learning to do anything else…IT TAKES PRACTICE…and is always important to get taught correctly, so how do you, and how do I sell products quickly in affiliate marketing?

Fastest Ways To Sell Products…

  1. Ads
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Blogging Or Content Marketing
  4. Social media Advertising
  5. Get Trained Properly
How Do I Sell Products Quickly In Affiliate Marketing

Email Marketing

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Email marketing is one of the fastest ways to sell products…Especially if you have an email list of targeted traffic.

By having a list of targeted clients, we can send one email promoting a product or service and receive multiple sales.

Pros For Email Marketing

  • Fast and efficient
  • Affordable or free
  • Can remarket to the same customer
  • Can sell your email list
  • Continuously grows
  • Direct target marketing


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If you don’t show it…It will not be seen.

Ads are one of, If not the number one way of getting sales…and fast.

By running ads through Google, Yahoo, or Bing, we can drive targeted traffic straight to the product or service you wish to advertise.

You can set a budget on how much you want to spend on ads and have them running in the background while you work on other forms of advertising.

Pros For Running Ads

  • Reach potentially millions from all over the world
  • Fast and effective
  • Great for research
  • Can be set to your budget
  • Can target your market

Blogging Or Content Marketing

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By far one of the more common ways to sell products when starting out affiliate marketing. 

We can write articles or reviews on a product or service and if your article or review ranks well in Google, you will start seeing traffic and/or sales. 

This type of advertising works well with PPC and collecting email leads.

For example…even if your article is not ranking well on Google, you can still drive traffic to your article or review and collect sales/emails along the way

Pros Of Content Marketing

  • Free
  • Can have multiple links/products/or services on one page
  • Great for collecting email addresses
  • Any topic can make money
  • Research on products/services and target market

Social Media Advertising

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Social media advertising is one of the best free and paid places to advertise on.

We are living in an online digital world and this is where people are spending a lot of time.

You can create multiple social media accounts and very quickly one advert can be placed on many social media platforms giving your product or service more chance of being discovered.

Google, Yahoo, and Bing also love backlinks so if yo have a website, every time you write a post, the more times you can share it the better, as all these shares should link back to pages on your website. 

Pros Of Social Media Advertising

  • Free Or Paid
  • Easy to advertise
  • Boost posts 
  • Loads of free to use social media platforms
  • Great for communication and being active with potential friends and customers/clients

Get Trained In Affiliate Marketing

With the correct training and support, learning how to make money online does not have to be rocket science.

Through Wealthy Affiliate, almost all the training is done through simple to follow step by step video tutorials, which means it is easy to…Watch…Pause & Do

Through the training, you will learn all of the above methods in selling products online, and I can’t stress enough the importance of getting trained correctly.

Through content marketing and blogging, It will take about 3 – 6 months of semi-consistent action to start seeing results.

With PPC advertising…You can start seeing results within an hour or two of starting your ad.

Email marketing is something that you can work on as you grow your email list, and this can have a huge impact on sales when done correctly.


Imagine a list of 10,000 targeted customers all getting an email with a new hot product…For example…

If I was selling a product for $29.00 and I get $12.00 for every one I sell, we will say the average conversion rate for sales is 10%, so I would get 1000 sales at $12 each

This is a total of $12,000 

You may be thinking this seems crazy, but I can assure you this is just a small email list compared to some. I have seen email lists in the hundreds of thousands…

At 100,000 emails you would sell, 10,000 products at $12 each

Total is $120,000.

Crazy Huh?

Take Action And Get Involved

Everyone has to start somewhere, and only by taking action will you do so.

Anyone can do this, andyone can build a life of financial freedom and flexibility…The Question Is….WILL YOU?

I Want To Earn Money Online – Start Here

First Class Affiliate

The thought of making a living online I’m sure has crossed many people’s minds. The digital world is upon us, and there are now thousands upon thousands of people working full time and part-time online from wherever they want. Complete financial freedom and flexibility.

If you are here reading this then chances are you too are interested in working online but you just don’t know where, how to start, Or which kind of online work to do. There are endless different ways you could employ yourself online but in my honest opinion affiliate marketing is the way to go.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Putting it simply, we help sell products and services online through different types of advertising like Blogs ( That’s right you can earn money online typing articles or reviews ) PPC ( Pay Per Click ) Face book ads, etc.

Affiliate marketers do not store or hold any of there products themselves and there are hundreds of thousands of affiliate market programs you can join, including Amazon, Etsy, Ali express, and Alibaba. There are endless options.

Pros About Affiliate Marketing

  • Can start with no or very little costs
  • Can work from anywhere
  • Do not need to hold any stock in warehouses
  • Endless supply of products, markets, and audiences
  • once set up, Established, and running correctly, ALLOT more time with family and friends or doing what you want.
  • Endless earning potential
  • Is easy and affordable to rapidly upscale and skyrocket your business
  • Overall there is next to no risk compared to physical businesses

Cons to affiliate marketing

  • Can take 3 – 6 months of consistent part-time work, to see any results or income.

Where To Start Affiliate Marketing

I knew when I started learning affiliate marketing, on average it should take about 3 to 6 months before any money would most probably start coming my way, but after 1 month I had made my first sale and I hadn’t even finished all the tutorials and training videos at that stage but I was keen and self-motivated.

Finding someone to teach you affiliate marketing isn’t that hard. Finding someone that actually knows what there talking about is another.

There are a few scams out there and yes every online course or program will have their good and bad reviews, but ultimately you ” Yourself ” will be the ultimate determining factor, if your online business is successful or not. The best thing anyone can do after reading this is to take action.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

I would urge anyone thinking about starting an online business to check out Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy affiliate is a coaching program that educates you on exactly how to affiliate market with step by step video lessons and a FREE WEBSITE…..yesssssss

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I remember a long time ago now seeing the big gurus on Youtube, gloating about how much money they make and how easy it was to make it, and myself thinking ” I want to earn money online ” I just didn’t quite know what I was getting involved in at that time.

If only I had heard about Wealthy Affiliate from the get-go, I would have been living a life of freedom and flexibility a long time ago. Better late than never though yea?

What Wealthy Affiliate Offer You

  • Free Signup with no credit card needed.
  • A free high-quality website
  • Domain hosting
  • The ability to earn money online typing
  • Step by step video training. From knowing absolutely nothing to a full-time affiliate marketer
  • Huge helpful community
  • Extremely competitive rates – Free trial, then if you want to continue is $49 a month, that’s not even $12.50 a week, And you get full access to all the bells and whistles ( Business tools )

Full Membership Plans Here

I cannot express enough, the value for money in this program, It is the most affordable affiliate marketing course you can do online, that gives you all this for $49 a month, and if you aren’t sure well you get a free test drive anyway so again I urge you to take you to live back and start building your life of financial freedom and flexibility…And don’t forget the free test drive

Final words

The way I see working online is that it is just like anything else. The more you do it the better you get. Allot try but most fail as they let themselves down and forget what their ultimate goal was.

You probably hate the job your in now right ?, ” so whats scarier” working in a job that you hate for the next 10. 20, 50 + years, or throw in a few hours here and there to learn how to build a business, at least start building yourself a future where you won’t have to be chained to your employer like I used to be.

As always any comments or questions please leave down below and ill be sure to read and or reply. Good luck and remember it all starts by taking action.

Starting Affiliate Marketing For Free – It Is Possible?

starting affiliate marketing for free

Starting affiliate marketing for free online is as simple as knowing where to go and what to do, and if you don’t know where to go, well…” You’re in the right place because I do “, and I am going to tell you, but first you must understand that just because you can start an affiliate marketing business online for free, does not mean that you will not have to invest any money at a later stage.

Before I let you know where to go to start your free online affiliate marketing course I want you to really know what it takes to make it as an online affiliate marketer


  • Training – Step by step video training is a must
  • Be consistent and self-motivated
  • Perseverance – Things can sometimes get confusing or frustrating when first starting out, We are here to help and once it’s sorted out, chances are you won’t have to do it again
  • Be able to learn and implement the skills learned yourself
  • Organized and time-efficient
  • Be able to get out of your comfort zone and start becoming the new you
  • Be able to handle positive criticism
  • Accept that you will not be able to do everything on your own
  • The biggest part of it all is that you must ……….TAKE ACTION

If you have the qualities listed above then you have the ability right now to start building a life of

Over the last 8 years I have tried many different online ventures to make money and some I succeeded in. I would not suggest or recommend any program without being completely certain that it is safe, promising, and in this case free. The best and only place for this is WEALTHY AFFILIATE.



” That’s right ” a free membership plan, NO CREDIT CARD needed, so there is no risk of scam charges to your credit card account and you really don’t have anything to lose.

The free membership plan has limited features but is enough to get you started and give you a good understanding of the road that follows. Not everything is easy and straight forward, but if you stick with it, you will see the results.

Why People Fail At Affiliate Marketing

Even with all the training, all the advice, and all the youtube tutorials and inspiration. Why is it so many people don’t succeed when running an online affiliate marketing business.

Unfortunately, the odds are not in your favor and an astonishing 95 – 98% of online affiliate marketers fail to succeed in establishing and keeping a professional online affiliate marketing business alive.

 3 Reasons A Business Fails

  • The Business owner gives up to quickly – This is more than likely 94% of people that try. The don’t see results or something gets to hard so they gave up.
  • Money – Money can be the death of allot of businesses and learning to budget is a huge part of any business. The Premium membership at Wealthy affiliate is $49.00 a month and that gives you access to everything you need. The average family of 4 will spend this in a fast food takeaway meal.
  • Time and commitment – If you think you can study and train for half an hour a week and see results in a few months you are kidding yourself. Do expect, for the first learning stage, that you will need to be proactive and continuously moving forward in the training. People have unreal expectations and give up due to lack of momentum and interest.

The Rest Is Up To You

” You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink ” Good luck and just remember, when it comes to changing as a person or starting a new profession it will not be easy, but nothing in your life is going to change unless you make it change, Go for gold and JUST TAKE ACTION.

If you would like to TAKE ACTION and start your journey to financial freedom and flexibility            ===> PLEASE CLICK HERE <===


Best Affiliate Programs – High Commissions

Best Affiliate programs – High commissionsbest affiliate programs

I have been asked this question many times now, What is the best affiliate program? Which ones pay the most ?. Well to tell you the truth, most of them can be the best, but ultimately the deciding factor is in the way you market online, and what your marketing strategy is.

You must realize It’s not about which affiliate programs pay the highest commissions, or which one gives you the most products to sell. You can have all the best products in the world at your fingertips, but if you don’t know how to market or advertise online, in most cases you are doomed from the beginning.

Highest Paid Affiliate Programs

So what are the highest-paid Affiliate programs ?. Well, this all depends? If you sign up with say Amazon’s affiliate program, You earn about 3 -10 % on referred sales, If you use ClickBank, Commissions can be in the thousands, but what is easier to sell? How do you sell online?

Again, even if we had high commission products or services to sell, You will still need to learn how to market them first. This is why many new Affiliate marketers will sign up with an Affiliate hosting platform service like Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate supply you with all the training you need to go from knowing nothing at all to becoming the full-time affiliate marketer you want to be.

Inside the Wealthy Affiliate back office, you will have access to over 595,000,000 products to sell countless affiliate programs like

  • Amazon
  • Clickbank
  • Alibaba
  • Aliexpress
  • Walmart
  • Grammarly

There are literally thousands more, Volusion is paying up to a massive $2000 commission rate and there are loads more high-paying affiliate programs available to signup through Wealthy Affiliate.

Best Affiliate Programs

I have tried A few affiliate programs now, but in my overall honest opinion is that Wealthy Affiliate takes first place.

Not only does Wealthy Affiliate offer a massive list of affiliate programs to join. They also offer full video, step-by-step training on how to Affiliate market.  and this is overall the biggest determining factor. You need to get trained properly, and Wealthy Affiliate offers exactly that.

Wealthy Affiliate has two membership options

  1. A free membership ( No Credit Card Needed ) You can start making money with the free account
  2. Premium Plan $49.00 per month
  • Full step by step training to become A full-time affiliate marketer
  • Hundreds of website theme templates
  • Hundreds of top affiliate programs to sign up to.
  • Massive Wealthy Affiliate community to help you every step of the way.
  • Jaxxy – A very well-respected keyword search tool. ( Is a must in my opinion )

There Are loads more features – CLICK HERE TO VIEW

So when we talk about the top paying affiliate programs, It’s not just about money, How easy are these products or services to sell? I could advertise to sell big-ticket items like 20-ton diggers and earn thousands of dollars in revenue every sale. but this may be a very hard thing to sell.

It is easy to get caught up in the hype of things and forget that it doesn’t matter how much you will earn on selling products or services. What is more important, is knowing how to sell that product or service through marketing online, and Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to go for that.

wealthy affiliate going up

So it’s not always about how much a sale is worth, more so the process of making the sale happen. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you this if you decide to TAKE ACTION.

See you on the inside, Remember… TAKE ACTION, The only way successful people become successful is by taking action, Do what needs to be done, Stick with it, and results will happen.

Any questions or comments please leave them below.


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