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Ranking #1 On Page 1 – Yahoo & Bing Blog Tips

The thrill of your blogs ranking #1 on page 1 in Yahoo And Bing search engines is crazy cool, and if you are blogging or affiliate marketing and have not quite got blogs ranking…this article may be able to help…

Ranking #1 On Page 1

Getting your blogs to rank well on Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines can be a long-drawn-out and tedious struggle that can still end up with you having no blogs being ranked and in return receive no traffic to your website/blog/offer

Having a good understanding of how Google and Microsoft rank your blogs is the best place to start when understanding how to write your blogs in the first place, so that they will indeed be found, and better yet be ranking #1 on page 1 of Yahoo, Bing, and hopefully Google search engines.

How To Get Ranked On Microsoft 

1 – Always identify your target keyword – I use A keyword tool Jaaxy

2 – Always use the keyword In the…Blogs Title, The Meta Title Description, and the URL

3 – Always use the keyword in the first paragraph of your article/blog and use low hanging fruit keywords for your other main headings 

4 – All Images should have Alt text attached – make sure the first image on your blog has an Alt text with your blogs keyword attached

5 – Length Of Blog – All blogs/articles should be a minimum of the suggested 600 – 2500 words – And use your keyword throughout the article

6 – Include the keyword somewhere on your blog as a sub-heading 

7 – Descriptions For SEO should be…Title 60 characters or less – Permalink 75 characters or less and your SEO description should be less than 160 character

8 – Include at least one internal link and one external link to other pages/posts/blogs etc

9 – Include a table of contents on your blog

10 – Always write in smaller paragraphs and always include images and/or videos throughout your blog

Ticking all the boxes does not guarantee your blog ranking on page one but following these guidelines will increase your chances dramatically.  

Remember your blog ranking will also depend on the competition for that keyword. I have written blogs under 600 words long, and yet they still rank #1 page 1 on Bing

Ranking #1 Page 1 Examples


  • Blog Title – How To Use Digistore24 – How To Make Money With Digistor24
  • Keyword – How To Use Digistore24
  • Blog Length – 542 words
  • View Blog Post – How To Use Digistore24

Learn To Sell Products Through Blogging

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Just like always, any comments or questions please do leave below and I will be sure to view/reply

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