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Make Money Online New Zealand

Make Money Online New Zealand

Its not only a New Zealanders dream to work online, wherever they want, and do whatever they want at any time, Living life with complete financial freedom and flexibility is a dream shared by many all around the world.

Chances are if you are reading this article, you too are interested in working online, and you may have no idea where to start, where to go, or what kind of online work you could actually do. 

Maybe you have tried to make money online before and didn’t succeed, trust me. We all make mistakes and no one gets it right the first time around.

I myself live in New Zealand and I am now working full-time online thanks to someone I will introduce you to later on, but for now, let’s answer a few questions.

What Kind Of Work Is It/ And How Much Does It Cost To Start?

The type of online work I do online is called Affiliate Marketing. although I have made money with Shopify stores,  Affiliate marketing is something anyone can do, and does not cost ANYTHING to start.

Affiliate Marketing can be done from anywhere around the world and is super cheap to start-up ( Sometimes Free ). There are countless more reasons why anyone would want to start an affiliate marketing business. If you would like to start affiliate marketing for free I can help you with that as well.

Pros to Affiliate Marketing

  • Freedom to work wherever you want
  • Freedom to work whenever you like
  • Anyone can start an affiliate marketing business
  • Super affordable compared to a physical real-life business
  • If you know where to look you can start an online business for free
  • You are actually building a business and a source of reliable income, not spending your time living paycheck to paycheck
  • You will be set up for retirement
  • Your children or family can inherit the business
  • Spend more quality time with family and friends
  • Overall a bigger and better paycheck
  • Complete part-time hours once everything is set up and established
  • A huge network of friends
  • Better knowledge in the digital world, This is the way the world runs now, imagine in 10 or 20 or even 50 years from now
  • Overall the biggest determining factor is ultimately financial freedom and flexibility

Cons About Starting Affiliate Marketing

  • It can take 3 – 6 months to start seeing any results, Returns financially. This can be sped up but that is ultimately up to you.

The main problem people have when starting an affiliate marketing business is finding where to go to get training, so I would like to show you, where you can go and start your Affiliate Marketing business for free. and by free I mean…

FREE  With Wealthy Affiliate Signup

  • A Free Website 
  • Free Website Hosting
  • Free website security
  • Step by step video training tutorials on setting up your business
  • Over 20 video tutorials to get you up and running
  • Virus & Malware protection
  • The Ultimate Writing Platform for blogging
  • Keyword Research Tool Jaxxy ( 30 free searches included with free membership )
  • Absolutely no catches – Free membership does not require a credit card – Risk-free.

What Exactly Do Affiliate Marketers Do?

To put this as easy as I can, We help people find solutions to there problems, wants, or needs and send them where they need to go to get it. If they do and that person makes a purchase, we get paid.

You can become an affiliate partner with some of the biggest store’s in the world like Amazon, Alibaba, and Aliexpress and sell any of there products to receive commissions. This will all be explained in the training.

Ways in which you can advertise
  • Blogging – Writing articles, Writing reviews, Sharing experiences, You can write about anything
  • PPC – Pay per click advertising.
  • Youtube.
  • Facebook advertising
  • Pinterest and other social media sites

There are a lot more ways to advertise than you might think, so I would suggest to pick one, and stick with it until you get good at it. Sharing content on your social media accounts is easy and free, this is always a great place to start.

Ok so who or what’s the program?

Now is the time I would like to introduce to you Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is the ultimate affiliate marketing platform on the online market, They offer not just a FREE membership account but all the training you need to get set up and running through step by step video tutorials.

The reason for this is so you can get a taste of what it is like before you upgrade to the premium plan and go all in, to build an online business empire that will bring you a life full of financial freedom and flexibility.

Wealthy Affiliates premium membership is nothing more than value for money and is $49 per month USD so about $20 per week NZD and this gives you everything to explode your online business.

Final Words

This is not a get rich quick scheme and you will not become rich overnight, but if you stick with it, It will work. You are building a business. An online business. ” Rome wasn’t built in a day “

Remember you will never know until you try, and you will never try if you don’t take action. You have nothing to lose. FREE Sign up, FREE website, Free lessons. TAKE ACTION and start the best opportunity you will ever come across to start, train, build, and grow your online website into an affiliate marketing business and earn passive income.


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