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How To Build A Website For Dummies – 5 Click Websites

Build A Website

To be honest, building a website is as easy as a few clicks with the mouse and if you are new to working online or building websites, SiteRubix is the platform for you.

SiteRubix has far exceeded expectations in offering one of the most user-friendly website building and hosting platforms in the world, and their value for money is unbeatable. It’s FREE.

Yours For Free With SiteRubix
  • FREE Websites
  • Free Website Hosting
  • Free Website Security
  • Free Themes & Website Templates
  • SEO optimized
  • Real-time data backup

SiteRubix website building and hosting platform is designed for everyday people to easily build websites with no coding or other technical computer skills needed. Building a website can be done in a few simple steps and can take as little as 30 seconds to complete. 

How To Build A Website For Dummies

1, Go to  ===> <===

2, Choose your Domain Name ( Eg, ChoosingMyDomainName) This will end up looking like 



3,  Select Free Domain, Retype your chosen domain name, and then choose the title for your website.


4, Choose the theme you want.


5, Click use/publish

 ===> Congratulations – You have just made your first website <===

It really is as simple as that with the Siterubix website builder, and being free you have absolutely nothing to lose.

About SiteRubix

SiteRubix Launched in 2007 and is co-owned by Kyle and Carson, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate. Siterubix was designed in part of Wealthy Affiliate to enable everyday people to set up their own website with no fuss and NO COST.



As far as value for money goes, Siterubix is ahead of the game by a long shot. It is free to join Wealthy Affiliate/Siterubix making this the ultimate platform. to get a good behind the scenes look, into what is involved in setting up websites and running an online business.

How To Start A Website And Make Money

There are many ways in which someone may make money online, but the best, and most affordable online business to startup, is an affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate marketing is simply the process of helping people online find, and get exactly what it is that they are after. When we do this, and the customer purchases something, we receive a commission.

The beauty of this kind of online business is that we do not need to have ANY of our own inventory, and we have access to millions of products and services to choose direct people too

We can do this through a range of different techniques such as…

  • Blogging and content marketing through Keywords
  • PPC Adverts – Pay Per Click
  • Facebook, Pinterest, and other online social platforms
  • Youtube and other video streaming websites

How To Learn About Affiliate Marketing For Free

This is where Wealthy Affiliate comes in. Learning how to affiliate market and knowing the correct processes and steps to take is crucial, and there is only one place online I know of that will give you this. Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a complete, NO RISK guide to starting, setting up, and running your online affiliate marketing business.

They offer you not only all the free stuff and more to get up and running, Everything is structured in a way that is in the simplest form to follow.

  • Step by step video training
  • 50 training modules
  • 30 free keyword searches ( Very important )
  • Affiliate program search ( over 600 million products and services )
  • 2 classrooms
  • A professional affiliate blog
  • Free personal website email address
  • PLUSS …the free website, free website hosting and free security

===> Read My Full Wealthy Affiliate Review Here <===

Final Words

There is nowhere else that offers all of the above for free. If you are wanting a personal website, A business website, or any other kind of website, Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to start risk-free and at no cost to you.

People all around the world are making a very good living affiliate marketing. Working wherever and whenever they like. Anyone can do this, and if you are prepared to put in the effort and stick with it, your efforts are repaid many times over.

It all comes down to you taking action.

If you have any comments or questions please leave them below, and if you want the free stuff…Click here and I’ll see you inside of Wealthy Affiliate. 🙂



4 thoughts on “How To Build A Website For Dummies – 5 Click Websites”

  1. Well presented article, heaps of great advise on there for the average Joe, no excuses now not to make a website. Thankyou for publishing this

    1. Haha yes, the title says it all. A simple 5 steps through SiteRubix, The best part is that it is free and anyone can do it. No risk makes it perfect for any curious individual.

  2. Hey man,

    I use to think creating websites was super hard and took like weeks to master. This is actually mind blowing because now I’m going to create one and start blogging as I’ve been told you can make money with a blog. I’ve heard ecommerce is good and so is affiliate marketing, but I might try affiliate marketing since I don’t want to deal with customer service and all that. Thanks a lot

    1. Hey Brandon, Thanks for the reply, Yes Affiliate Marketing is the way to go in my opinion, and the best place to train for that is Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is the best and only place online that I would recommend for this type of online venture.

      Thanks for the comment. Have a good one.

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