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Feeling Stuck In Life? – What To Do Now?

Feeling stuck in life

Feeling stuck in life is something we have all felt in our lives at one point or another, feeling stuck in life,  like we’re going nowhere, and if we are it’s at snail speed. Stuck in our ball and chain day jobs that are getting us nowhere and chewing up the majority of our time.

This was me about 2 years back, I4 years concrete placer, and now I work online Affiliate Marketing

I remember seeing a statement written somewhere about 15 years ago. I still remember it to this day, it stated ” Tired ?, Or just being tired? “

Naturally, I’m outgoing and definitely not short of self-motivation, but for the majority of people, self-motivation and focus are overtaken by this bad habit we call laziness, and laziness is often associated with the word ” Can’t ” or I’m too tired.

  • I can’t do it
  • I can’t be bothered
  • I can’t afford it
  • I can’t try that
  • I’m so tired ill do it soon or later
  • I’m too tired ill do it tomorrow


We are not born lazy, nobody is born not wanting to do anything. Laziness is nothing more than a bad habit that has been enforced into us throughout the years.

If there were consequences for being lazy, do you think laziness would exist ?. I mean if, just for example…. If you don’t brush your teeth for a night because you can’t be bothered, what’s going to happen? NOTHING, in fact, this actually subconsciously reinforces the fact that we don’t have to brush our teeth ( subconsciously )

The next day comes and ya know what… I can’t be bothered brushing my teeth again, Didn’t seem to matter last time I didn’t brush them. A month later you bite into something and owwwwch. Dentist time.

By having no immediate repercussion for not brushing our teeth, only enforces ( for a short while ) that we can be lazy and not brush. If you knew you would get a hole in your tooth after one night of not brushing your teeth, I guarantee we would have more teeth scrubbers in the world.

Laziness will be the doomsday of a lot of people, they just don’t realize it until the repercussions are hitting them in the face.

 I don’t know how many older trades workers I have spoken with that all say they are too old to be doing what they are doing, and wished they had set themselves up with a better retirement plan.

This is sad, who wants to be 60 and working  just for a week to week paycheck. NO ONE.

Our Comfort Zone

This is how we get ourselves ” Stuck ” in the first place. When there is something awkward or hard to do, something we are not good or natural at doing, we don’t do it. This is because we would be getting out of our comfort zones.

Our comfort zone is our safe place. A place where we know what’s going to happen and when. When my next payment will be and how much I get. Even though many people hate their jobs they refuse to get a new one as its a scary thought and requires them to come out of this comfort zone.

I mean overall Its just…..well……easier. But is it easier in the long run ?. This is where we get back to the dentist’s scenario. As the years tick on and we hide in our comfort zones we become more accustomed to this lazy way of living, and the harder it is to break free and start something new, fresh and exciting.

Unleashing The New You

To make major changes in your life drastic action needs to be taken, but there are small steps in helping these drastic changes happen and I will guarantee it will mean stepping out of you’re comfort zone.

  • Re-evaluate and write down your goals, This is important, A vision of what you want is part of your inspiration to help change your life.
  • Do small things you would not normally do. Don’t sit in your favorite chair, Go for a walk, Cook something new. These small subtle changes enforce subconsciously and consciously that it is alright and safe to do things outside your normal and safe routine.
  • Exercise, Feeling great physically and mentally are very important
  • Save a little here and there if you can.
  • Find like-minded people to talk and socialize with ” It’s hard to soar with eagles when your running with turkeys “
  • Expect failure
  • Keep going and don’t give up.

Remember the first and hardest thing about changing your life or who you are as a person, is taking action, and the second hardest thing is sticking with it. Starting a new life or career can be the most difficult choice you will ever have to make in your life, but it can also be the most rewarding.

Take action and start with the small things. I wish you all the best of luck and remember the future is in your hands.

Thanks for reading and If you would like to add your thoughts or comment please do so down the below.

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