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7 Easy Tips To Get More Conversions

Today I am going to share with you 7 easy tips to get more conversions on your website. I know first hand what it’s like to get traffic to your website but still have little to no conversions going on.

Fortunately, there are things we can do to massively increase your conversion rate.

7 Easy Tips To Get More Conversions

  1. Email Lists – Remarketing and retargeting, I know this is an old technique but it works and works well. 
  2.  Make Your Website More Personal – Readers will feel more engaged with you when you are talking from a personal viewpoint. The more they connect with you and your experiences, the more you earn their trust and conversions will follow.
  3. Trials – Offer a $1 trial or 30 days free trial on any offer, Use this in an exit pop-up and reshow the reader what they are getting for their $1 or free 30-day trial, etc
  4. Countdown Timer – Proven to show an increase in conversions by up to 11% this is a conversion tactic that works.
  5.  Exit Popups – Exit popups are a must use for collecting email leads and/or re-showing your offers
  6. Testimonials/Reviews – Proof that a system, product, or service is legit and works are sometimes all that is needed to convert traffic into conversions
  7.  Lead Quizzes – Neil Patel used lead quizzes on his website and found a whopping 60% of people were engaging.

Learn How To Advertise Online

Learning how to advertise online properly, is a skill often overlooked and I cannot stress the importance of getting trained in doing this properly.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online affiliate marketing training university that teaches anyone the necessary skills needed to make money online through affiliate marketing. 

How To Research Your Target Market

Knowing your exact target market means the majority of people seeing your content, are people you already know are interested in seeing what it is you have on your website.

We do this through a keyword research tool like Jaaxy. (GET 30 FREE JAAXY SEARCHES HERE)

Jaaxy is the ultimate keyword research tool and is an absolute must-have tool in any online business. Learn More About Keyword Research

Type in your keyword or phrase and let Jaaxy do the rest…

What Jaaxy Tells Us

I have used paint scrapers as an example keyword.
Jaaxy Paint Scrapers
AVG = Average times that word or phrase is searched per month.
Traffic = How much traffic you will receive monthly if you rank on page 1 of Google search.
QSR = Quoted search result – In quotations, how many articles are written with that exact keyword or phrase.
KQI = Keyword quality indicator – How good of a keyword it is and overall quality – this takes into account, search quantity and competition.
SEO = an overall SEO score which indicates our chances overall for getting ranked on Google for this keyword or phrase.

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Building Passive Income Streams Online

Building passive income streams online is one of the smartest things anyone can do in this digital world.  Affiliate marketing is an opportunity that anyone can take advantage of.

Affiliate Marketing can be started for free, and earnings are unlimited.

I pay $12.50 a week to have all the training and tools ( Including Jaaxy ) to run my business. 

If you are at all interested in giving this a go, Wealthy Affiliate have a free starter membership plan that is perfect for anyone just wanting to see what it is about…

Take action and start building passive income streams online. Build a life with financial freedom and flexibility, and start actually living.

Working for someone else all your life is crazy, I once heard a saying and it really hit home to me…it went something like this…

“Go And Build Your Own Dream, Or Someone Will Hire You To Build Theirs”

I’ll leave you with that one to think about..

I hope you enjoyed the tip to get more conversions and if you have any comments or questions please do leave bellow and I will be sure to read and/or reply. 

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