How To Start A Blog – And Make Money

How To Start A Blog

In this article, I will show you how you can get started with a Website/Blog for free

  This includes website hosting and website security

I Will Also Show You WHERE YOU CAN GO TO GET FULL AFFILIATE MARKETING TRAINING ONLINE Where they offer a free starter membership at no cost to you at all

Before We Begin...

No matter what your blog is for, setting up correctly and blogging in a way that speaks to your audience and Google is important.

Please read “How to make money writing online articles” for a more in depth process of writing articles that rank in Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines.

How To Start A Blog

Believe it or not, it is actually quite easy to start a blog and/or build a website, you just have to know where to go and how to do it…If you have never done this before, it may sound daunting but trust me, it really is not that hard

First things first…

You will need somewhere to host your website/blog I recommend SiteRubix, as you can get up and running for free, and your website can actually be built in 5 easy steps

How To Start A Blog…

  1. Go to
  2. Choose a domain name for your website ( How to find a good domain name with )
  3. Select free domain,  retype your chosen domain name and add a title to your website
  4. Select a website theme
  5. Select Use/Publish

When choosing a domain name for your website…

  • Try to keep the name as short as possible
  • Easy to remember and not complicated
  • Ideally very much related to what your blog is about

Setting Up Your Blog/Pages

  • learning how to build your blog, how to Set up your pages and menu’s,  getting your website indexed into Google etc is so much easier when you have someone to show you how to do it.

SiteRubix is owned by Wealthy Affiliate, an online training university that teaches anyone how to get set up, and start making money online through affiliate marketing online.

So besides you still getting your free website with SiteRubix, If you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate you also get the..

  • Free Website Hosting
  • Free Website Security
  • Over 20 free video training tutorials that get you set up and running
  • Thousands Upon Thousands Of Affiliate Programs To Join
  • Live 24/7 help

Visit Wealthy Affiliate Homepage Here

Making Money On Your Blogs

There are thousands upon thousands of affiliate programs out there for people to join and take advantage of.

For those of you who don’t know, an affiliate program lets people like you and me, advertise a stores products or services for them, if we do…and sell a product or service…We get paid a commission for doing so.

To put this in an exciting way... We can sell anything...To anyone... Anywhere in the world

Within Wealthy Affiliate, you will find an affiliate search page that is loaded with thousands of affiliate programs for you to join, This means you can join and start advertising products in your blogs straight away. 

WA affiliate program page

When you get accepted into an affiliate program, you will be given a link, links and/or banners to add on your blogs.

Example : If my blog was about blankets…I would sign up to affiliate programs whos stores sell blankets, then I could write a blog or article “5 best blankets for winter”

In your blog you will leave the links and/or banners from your affiliate program, so if people want to buy the blanket or blankets you have written about, they can click on your link to do so. 

If they do and someone buys…YOU GET PAID A COMMISSION $$$

Blogging Using A Keyword Research Tool

If You Advertise To Everyone...You're Advertising To No One

  • To do this I use A keyword research tool called Jaaxy. Jaxxy is a super advanced research keyword tool that tells us vital information about what our target market is looking up, as well as our competition for these keywords and how well our chances are of ranking for these keywords in Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines

Knowing exactly what your target market is looking for means…

  • More Traffic
  • More Clicks
  • More Sales
  • A more defined audience and a good inside look at what they are searching for on Google

Jaaxy Example

If my my blog was based on the topic of cats…You get set up and start writing your blogs about cats, Only to find 1, 2, 3, months later you are still not gaining any or much traffic to your website…Why?

The answer is that you are most likely using keywords ( Headlines and paragraphs ) for your blogs that no one is actually typing into Google to look up. 

Those keywords could also have a ton of competition, meaning you will have little to no luck trying to squeeze in among huge existing online blogs/stores.

Through Jaaxy we can type in our keyword/Phrase and Jaaxy will show us a list…An Extremely powerful list

This list will show us related keywords and phrases that people are actually typing into Google.

Jaxxy will tell us how many times each keyword is typed in per month, How much competition there is for that keyword, Jaaxy will tell us the quality of the keyword and what our chances are of getting ranked on page number one of Google, if we write a compelling blog targeting that keyword.

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