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How To Make Money Writing Online Articles – 5 Easy Steps

Making money through writing articles online is an opportunity that anyone can take advantage of and If you would like to learn how to make money writing online articles then you have come to the right place.

How To Make Money Writing Online Articles 

  1. Sign up with Wealthy Affiliate – Here you can get a free website and training for affiliate marketing.
  2. Choose a niche
  3. Join affiliate programs related to the niche
  4. Write articles related to your niche and incorporate your affiliate links within them
  5. Advertise your article on social media platforms or run PPC campaigns for traffic and sales.

How To Write Articles That Rank

Through Wealthy Affiliate you will be taught how to write articles that rank on search engines, however I will fast track and point out the most crucial bullet points when writing articles that will rank.

How To Write Articles That Rank

1 – Always identify your target keyword, These should all be based around your chosen niche – I use A keyword tool Jaaxy

2 – Always use the keyword In the…Blogs Title, The Meta Title Description, and the pages permalink, URL (  Uniform Resource Locator. )

3 – Always use the keyword in the first paragraph of your article/blog and use low hanging fruit keywords for your other main headings 

4 – All Images should have Alt text attached – make sure the first image on your blog has an Alt text with this blogs keyword attached

5 – Length Of Blog – All blogs/articles should be a minimum of the suggested 600 – 2500 words – And use your keyword throughout the article

6 – Include the keyword somewhere on your blog as a sub-heading 

7 – Descriptions For SEO should be…Title 60 characters or less – Permalink 75 characters or less and your SEO description should be less than 160 character

8 – Include at least one internal link and one external link to other pages/posts/blogs etc

9 – Include a table of contents on your blog

10 – Always write in smaller paragraphs and always include images and/or videos throughout your blog for visual stimulation. ( THIS IS A MUST )

Ticking all the boxes does not guarantee your blog ranking on page one of search engines, but following these guidelines will increase your chances dramatically.  

Remember your blog ranking will also depend on the competition for that keyword. I have written blogs under 600 words long, and yet they still rank #1 page 1 on Bing, yahoo and one was on page one of Google.

Writing Articles Online For Money

Affiliate marketing and writing articles online for money is a business opportunity like no other. I have access to millions of products, I get to work on my own terms, I have an unlimited earnings potential and I can do this from anywhere in the world.

Learning how to affiliate market online is something that anyone can learn to do, and through Wealthy Affiliate, learning affiliate marketing has never been easier.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online training platform that teaches anyone how to start affiliate marketing online. 

Everything is taught through step by step training video tutorials and they also offer a free starter membership for you to try their system. 

If you like what you are doing and want to go all in, their Premium membership is only $12.50 a week and this unlocks all training videos, as well as gives you unlimited searches with Jaaxy ( Keyword research tool ) and overall speeds up your success with affiliate marketing online. 

If you want to make money online I would strongly urge you to train through Wealthy Affiliate, there system is tried and proven, and there value for money is most likely the best you will find online.

TAKE ACTION and start building you online passive income streams now.

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